Disney Villains makeup tutorial series: Vanessa from The Little Mermaid.

This month’s Disney-villain-inspired makeup tutorial is the result of  a reader request.  You might remember that last Halloween, I made a tutorial showing you how to recreate Ursula the Sea Witch’s makeup.  Well, one of you wrote to me and asked if I could do a tutorial for a look based on Vanessa from The Little Mermaid.

In case you don’t remember the movie (or if you’ve never seen it), Vanessa is Ursula’s alter ego.  When Ursula takes on human form in order to trick Prince Eric into marrying her, Vanessa is her alias.

It’s quite funny because I’d never intended to include Vanessa in this series.  But once I got that request, I couldn’t stop thinking about how I would translate her look into everyday life.  I kept her glossy pink lips and defined brows.  I also added contour and highlights to mimic her flawless, youthful visage.

DSCF9002Of all the Disney villain looks I’ve done so far, this one is definitely the most wearable.


I wanted this look to be a real contrast from Ursula’s dramatic diva makeup.  I tried to make it as light and pretty as possible, with a hint of femme fatale charm.

DSCF9006To learn how to recreate the look, check out the video.


    • Vanessa is a character in the first Little Mermaid movie. She’s Ursula’s human form, when Ursula masquerades as a human to make Prince Eric fall in love with her. Here’s a link to the Disney Wiki page about her.

      I actually did a tutorial for Ursula’s makeup last halloween.

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