My get-well-soon kit

I’m slowly starting to recover from my cold.  I always know that I’m getting better when I start to feel bored with reading, watching movies and napping.  I have to credit my slowly-returning health to my ability to look after myself.


After 27 years of dealing with colds and flu, I’ve figured out some pretty fool-proof ways to get myself feeling well again.  While none of my methods will cure a cold (you just have to let it run its course) they do make me feel a lot better and deal with the symptoms.  Today I thought I’d share the most important items in my get-well-soon kit.


DSCF8939Vicks Vaporub

Whether you’ve got a stuffy nose or a congested chest, this stuff is golden when you’ve got a cold.  It helps to open up the airways so that you can breathe more easily.  Plus I find the scent really comforting.


Deep Heat

I always seem to get really stiff, aching muscles when I’m ill.  This cream helps to soothe sore muscles and ease aches and pains.  The smell is really strong, but I quite like it.





I drink endless pots of tea when I’m ill.  At the moment my favourite is this Pu-erh Ginger tea from T2.  It’s been brilliant for easing my sore throat and clearing up my nose.  It’s also nice to have a cute mug to drink it out of.


Hot lemon drinks.

I’m on anti-depressant medication, which means that there aren’t many over-the-counter cold remedies that I can take. This Codral herbal drink is one of the few that is safe for me to use.  It’s packed with vitamins and minerals to help reduce cold symptoms.  It really helps to soothe sore throats and clear sinuses, plus it tastes delicious.


Wheat pack

My microwavable heat-pack almost never leaves my side when I’m ill.  It’s so nice to place against my neck to ease headaches or to warm up cold toes.


DSCF8260Cute socks

Warm, cosy socks are a must for sick days.  They help to keep your toes warm and they’re so much fun to wear.



I bought my Stitch kigurumi last year from Ebay and I adore it.  It’s by far the comfiest, warmest thing that you can wear.  Perfect for napping and lounging on the couch when you’re under the weather.  You can also throw it on over the top of your P.Js when you get up to make a cup of tea in the middle of the night.





There’s nothing like a cuddle from a soft animal when you’re feeling sick and blue.  Ringo rarely leaves my side when I’m sick, and gives me so many cuddles. It’s like he can sense when I’m not well, and his love makes me feel so much happier even when I’m miserably sick.



I have a special get-well soup that I like to make when I’m ill with a cold.  It’s a chicken and vegetable soup that’s packed with garlic and ginger.  It’s a pretty potent brew, but it really helps to clear the sinuses and fight the virus.  I like to make a big batch of it at the beginning of flu season and freeze individual portions, so I’ve always got some on hand when I feel a sniffle coming on.


DSCF8944Sick Day Films

I always watch the same four films when I’m not well: The Court Jester, Hans Christian Anderson, Hook and A Series of Unfortunate Events.  They’re all great films with adventurous storylines, lively characters and plenty of laughs.  They always make me feel a little better.


DSCF8943Honey and Eucalyptus drops

These babies are golden when you’re fighting off a nasty cough.  They taste lovely and they help to soothe dry throats and drown tickly coughs.  I  always keep a handful of them at my work station when I’m recovering from a cold to keep coughs at bay.


DSCF8698A warm blanket

I love to have something soft and warm to cuddle up in while I watch a movie or take a nap.  This crochet bobble blanket I made is perfect for that (and Ringo loves it too!)


An eye mask

I have trouble sleeping during the day, and an eye-mask helps to cut out the daylight so that I can get some rest.


What’s in your get-well-soon kit?











  1. Tea, water, bed and doona, pyjamas, dressing gown, some kind of medication with phenylephedrine, box of tissues, laptop, phone. I have to admit that while I’m perfectly capable of looking after myself, I’m a wuss if my other half is looking after me…

  2. That’s super cute.. ^_^ I love your toe-socks.. and tea is definitely one of my main treats when i’m sick as well.. at least it’s the perfect time to treat yourself right? At least I tell myself that hehe. Time to watch those tv-shows I haven’t had time fooor! Woop woop!

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