Introducing Nessbow’s Personal Style e-course.

Hi there, gorgeous! Remember a while back when I mentioned that I’d been working on a big writing project?  Well, it’s taken a bit longer than I’d expected but it’s finally ready!

I have so many readers who write to me to ask specific questions about personal style and dressing in a way that makes them happy.  Although I love answering questions like this on my blog, I felt that it should put all the answers together in one handy little package.  And so, Nessbow’s Guide to Developing Your Personal Style e-book was born.

DSCF8683But a while ago I started looking at the e-book and thinking more closely about it.  Personal style is one of my greatest passions.  I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to dress in a way that makes them happy.  I believe that clothing is so much more than a covering for your body: it’s a form of self-expression.  The way we dress can have a huge impact on our self-esteem and happiness.  I wanted to delve even more deeply into the subject of personal style than I had in my e-book.

I wanted to write something that would be more instructive.  While I’m so proud of my e-book, it’s not as directive as it could be.  It gives plenty of great, practical advice, but I’ve had some readers comment that it’s a bit overwhelming, and that they didn’t know where to begin putting the advice into practice.  And that’s how the idea of penning my own e-course came about.


Nessbow’s Personal Style E-course is a 30-day course that will change the way you look at your wardrobe.  It combines written articles, quizzes and videos to give you plenty of practical and theoretical advice for examining the way you want to dress and making your ideas a reality.  Each day covers a different topic, and there’s a homework task to be completed at the end of each lesson.  You can complete the tasks over the space of a month, or spread them out, doing one every couple of days or even one a week.

The course does cover some of the same material that was covered in the e-book.  However, I did a lot of research about the topics that you wanted to learn about, and I’ve included plenty of new material in this course.  In addition to covering basic information like building a wish-list, finding your style inspiration and cleaning out your wardrobe, there are also chapters on busting myths about style, discussions about why personal style is important and translating your dream look into reality.  I’ve included whole chapters on body image, self-confidence, fear of judgement and staying positive when exploring your personal style.  There’s a lot of new material in this course which I’ve never covered on my blog or in any of my e-books.

This e-course is the perfect way to dive into your style journey, or to re-ignite your passion for fashion.  It will walk you through each topic, so you don’t need to worry about where to begin or how to start putting the lessons into practice.

DSCF8498I should also point out that this course isn’t designed to teach you to dress the way I dress.  I recognise that everyone’s approach to fashion and style is completely different, and this course is intended to help you unlock your own inspiration and start translating that into a unique style that suits your personality and lifestyle.  I will be sharing my own secrets to confidence and organization, but the point of the course is that you should come out of it feeling comfortable and excited to start dressing in a way that expresses your own style.

The course is available for immediate purchase and download from my etsy store or via e-junkie on my e-book page.  It costs $10, and there are secure payment options available through each of the purchase pages.

I really hope that you enjoy this course and that you find it helpful and informative.  I had so much fun researching and writing it, and I’m really proud of it.

If you’ve got any questions at all about this course, please feel encouraged to get in touch with me.


  1. Congratulations! What an achievement. I wish there had been something like this around (that is way more affordable than a personal stylist) when I was trying to figure out what my style was.

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