Daily outfit 2/10/2013

As this is the first outfit post for October, and for me October is all about exploring costumes and alter-egos, I thought I would put together a rather un-me outfit.

I usually wear quite a lot of colour.  I’m not afraid of brights or wild prints and it’s unusual to see me in blacks and neutrals.  If I do wear black, it’s usually with a pop of colour on top of it.  But not today…

DSCF8819I am wearing:

– Black merino wool jumper from Cue

– Black maxi skirt from Target

– Black cotton tights from Target

– Black brogues from Rubi shoes

– Floral burst hair slide (gift from my friend Adam)

DSCF8820I do need to apologise for how grainy these pictures turned out. I’m still experimenting to find the best place in my flat to take outfit photos.

I decided to go with a very minimalist outfit today.  I love the combination of this jumper and the long skirt.  I was worried that they’d look a bit conservative together, but the overall effect is pleasing.  The form-fitting shape of the skirt and the fine knit helps the outfit to look sophisticated and chic rather than Amish.


To offset the starkness of my outfit, I added a little bit of bling in my hair and a swipe of red lipstick.  Defined brows and polished skin finished off the look.

DSCF8822This jumper was a gift from my grandmother.  She bought it for herself a while back, and when she gave it to me the original tags were still on it.  It’s a beautiful fine knit, and the price was more than I paid for the entire contents of my knitwear drawer.  It’s such a gorgeous addition to my wardrobe, and I imagine that I’ll be getting a lot of wear out of it.

DSCF8826Although I love my heels, I have quite a collection of flats as well.  I like finding flats that are cute and fun, and these brogues are one of my favourite pairs.  They were really cheap and they go with everything.  Every girl should have a pair of sweet man-style shoes, I think.

Today, I challenge you to wear something that you wouldn’t normally wear.  If you’re normally a pants person, try a dress for a change.  Experiment with a colour or a print that doesn’t usually find it’s way into your outfits.  Wear an incredible piece of jewellery that you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Go on, try something different.  I dare you!


  1. Hoooo this outfit is just right up my alley. :3 SO sexy! I could never wear something like this, or maybe with giant heels. This really shows off your waist!

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