Disney Villains Makeup series: The Evil Queen from Snow White

Each month I put together a make up look inspired by one of my favourite Disney Villains.  This month I’m drawing my inspiration from the Evil Queen from Snow White.

Snow White was Disney’s first feature-length film.  The Evil Queen was a departure from the usual villain archtype, in that she was glamorous and beautiful.  I toned down her look slightly to make this look a bit more wearable.  It’s still fairly dramatic, with purple eyeshadow and rich red lips.

DSCF8888I used a combination of liners and shadows to create an elongated eye shape and give depth to the eyelid.  You could easily pair this eye makeup with a more neutral lip for a toned-down look if you prefer.


Who’s the fairest of them all?



If you’ve got a particular villain that you’d like to see my interpretation of, please let me know. I love doing reader requests.

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