New flat tour

Hi there sweetling!  Now that I’m all moved into my new place I thought it might be nice to take you on a little tour.

The flat is massive.  So many of the places I looked at were pokey and horrible, but this one is gorgeous.  It’s got huge windows and the place is just filled with natural light.  The rooms are huge so I have plenty of space, and the cats have loads of room to run about it.  It’s great.

DSCF8794This is my little office area.  It’s at the front of the flat and gets all the morning sun.  I’ve set my desk up in here, as well as all my etsy stuff.

DSCF8797Because the office is actually a bedroom, it’s got a built-in dresser and two wardrobes.  That gives me loads of room to store all my linens and board games.

DSCF8798This is the dining area.  It’s so light and airy that for the first time in years I’ve been sitting at the table to eat meals instead of munching in front of the telly.  I got this table and chairs from Aldi for just $150.  I spotted it on moving day and it was such a great find.

DSCF8799The kitchen has loads of cabinets, which I’ve used as a display area for my collection of teapots.

DSCF8800My kitchen counter wouldn’t be complete without a bunch of different tins of tea and my TARDIS cookie jar.

DSCF8802I’m so happy with my kitchen.  I’ve lived in places with horrible, tiny kitchens before and I hate that.  This one is huge, with loads of counter space and a gas cooker.  I’m having so much fun preparing meals for myself in this kitchen.  (Don’t mind the dirty dishes on the sink, I’d just had breakfast when I took these pictures).

DSCF8803The shower has a sweet fishy shower curtain and a half-bath.  It’s not really big enough for me to stretch right out, but it’s good enough for a relaxing soak.

DSCF8804My bathroom vanity is pretty small, but that’s ok.  You’ll see why I’m not worried about the little bathroom when I show you my bedroom!

DSCF8805The loungeroom is also huge, with really plush carpets.  My parents bought me a couple of tall shelves to store my DVDs and books.  I’ve been experimenting with different wall hangings.  At the moment, I’ve got some of my artsy knitted jumpers hanging on the walls.  I was inspired by one of my favourite Frida Kahlo paintings, My Dress Hangs There.

DSCF8807My mantlepiece is dotted with family photos and original artwork.

DSCF8810There’s plenty of room for my big couches, my reading lamp and a couple of cosy blankets.

DSCF8811And now for my bedroom!  (Oo-er!)  The corner of the room has a brilliant window that lets in so much sunshine.  At the moment, I’ve got the cat’s apartment in the window, but I’d like to get a big squashy armchair to put there eventually.  I’m also saving up for a double bed.  I’m only one little person, but it’s cramped when both the cats decide to sleep with me.

DSCF8812In my opinion, you can never have too many books.

DSCF8813This is my vanity area, where I do my hair and makeup in the morning.  I just love having so much space to spread out all my things.  There’s even a light right above the mirror, which is fantastic.  I think that I’ll be filming my makeup tutorials here from now on.

DSCF8816And lastly, my closet!  The bedroom has two humungous built-in robes, so I have loads of space for all my clothes and shoes.

So, what do you think of the new place?  I’m pleased as punch.


  1. It’s very you! Our apartment is a kind of cream/white/wood colour scheme – red accents in the living room and kitchen, blue in our bedroom – mostly practical and decorations picked up here and there, not really with any kind of theme in mind.

  2. Wow it’s enormous! Totally jealous of all your space. I’d love to have an actual lounge room that isn’t also the dining room and the instrument space! Where are you going to take your outfit photos?

    • I can’t get over the size of it. When I came to inspect it (when I was still scouting places) I thought that the office was the only bedroom. When I saw the door off the lounge, I was like “Oh, this must be a linen closet”, and opened it to discover a flippin’ massive bedroom!

      I haven’t decided where I’ll do my outfit photos yet. I’ve been experimenting with different spots. There’s a good spot in the backyard, and I might take some in the lounge room and some in the bedroom. I’ll just play around until I find a spot I like. I might even mix it up and have a few different spots for a change.

      • I love them so much I have one tattooed on my ankle! Sorry I forgot to mention that I love your new place! I love all the windows and mirrors, which my new place is lacking. I do have lots of storage space, though. Have the kittehs adjusted well to the move? It took my Addy a couple of weeks before her nerves calmed down.

      • My cats had mixed reactions to the move. Jelly was totally fine. She’s very adaptable and made herself at home really quickly. Ringo was another story. He started stressing out the moment I began packing, and by moving day he was in a state of utter panic. He spent the first three days hiding under the couch, coming out only to eat and use his litter. He’s calmed down a lot now, and he’s mostly back to his old self.

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