Things I Love Thursday 29/8/2013

It’s Things I love Thursday, which means it’s time for me to think about all the things I’m happy about and all the things I’ve been grateful for this week.  I’ve been in full-on house-moving mode this week which has left me exhausted, but I’ve still got plenty of things to smile about.

DSCF8691This week I love:

– Sleeping through the night.  I’ve been battling with insomnia for the last couple of months, and last Friday night I actually managed to sleep for 8 hours straight.  I woke up feeling so refreshed and satisfied.

– Cleaning out my things while packing, so that I’ll have less crap to unpack when I get to my new flat.

– Catching my cats having a staring competition with one another.

– Devouring books.  Since I’ve been living alone, I’ve had so much more time for reading.  I’ve been whipping through my to-read list, which gives me a huge feeling of satisfaction.

– Comfy flat shoes.

– Bear hugs from my Dad.

– Treating myself to a new lipstick.

DSCF7243-Stacks of rings

– Coming up with ideas for decorating my new flat.  I’ve got a head full of options that I can’t wait to put into practice.

– Eating potato chips in bed.

– Nights that are slowly drawing out and staying light for longer.

– Pumpkin stir-fried in coconut oil.  Delicious!

DSCF5598-Close-up kitty pictures.

– Making myself a cup of tea using my grandmother’s very fancy china (which was a house-warming present).  I’d never used any of that gorgeous crockery, and I decided that it was a shame to just let them sit in the cupboard untouched.  I don’t believe in saving things for special occasions.  If you’ve got nice things, enjoy them now.

What do you love this week?  I’d love to read your Things I love Thursday list, so leave a comment and tell me all about the awesome things that happened to you this week.


  1. I always look forward to reading your lists! Those rings are just too pretty.

    This week, I love:

    – English muffins. Such a simple joy, I know, but I’m inhaling some RIGHT NOW and they are *delicious*!
    – Upcoming travel. Few things make me happier than packing my bags, booking flights and heading somewhere different!
    – Warmer weather. Sorry winter, you’re lovely and all, but gosh it’s nice to see some sunshine…
    – YOU. You’ve been in my thoughts, sweetheart. Good luck with the move; I wish I could be there to help you.

    • Mmmm, I want English muffins so badly now!
      Thank you so much for your sweet words. It’s been a really rough couple of months, and I truly appreciate your support.

  2. This week’s list is teeming with wonderfulness! I just love the diversity and multitude of entries you included. How awesome that you were able to get a night of solid sleep. I’m very often kept awake and/or frequently woken up throughout the night (or whenever I’m able to try and sleep) due to my health, and I know what an incredible gift multiple hours of sound sleep can be. Anytime I get more than three hours, I’m a super happy camper.

    Adding to the list of loves, I’d definitely include your fabulous pink, white and black argyle sweater. Adore!!!

    • It’s so hard when you’re not getting regular and consistent sleep. My disturbed sleeping patters where really getting me down, because I was feeling so physically and emotionally drained. Also, because I’m moving this week and still working, I’ve had so much to do and I just can’t afford to feel tired. I’ve really had to push myself to my limit this past week, and being able to get enough sleep has made this so much easier.

      Thank you so much for your compliment on my sweater. It’s one of my favourites.

  3. Today I love that my assignment is done, that my kids are enjoying researching weird and wonderful things, watching my girls enjoy beating their own personal bests, rather than competing with each other and I am also very grateful for pain killers.

    • That’s awesome that your kids are so focused on bettering themselves, rather than being competitive. They sound like such a fantastic bunch.
      I can totally understand your gratitude for pain killers right now. Ouch! Toothaches are the worst!

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