Daily outfit 26/8/2013

Today’s outfit post is a slightly sad one for me.  This is probably going to be the last outfit post that I do in front of this mossy wall in the house that Ross and I shared.  This afternoon I’m going to pick up the keys for my new flat, and by this time next week I’ll hopefully be living there.  I’ll have to find a whole new place to take outfit photos.

So here it is: my final outfit post in this house.

DSCF8778I am wearing:

– Red sequinned beret from Sportsgirl

– Red Pucca top (thrifted)

– Black and white striped rag skirt from Temt

– Black cut-out leggings from Rubi

– Red ballet flats from Steve Madden

– Lego ring from Nerd Burger jewellery

– Flower ring from Surfers Paradise.


It’s been a miserable couple of days, made more dreary by the task of packing up all my things.  I hate moving, and I particularly dislike moving away from this place.  The day I moved in I was so excited, so filled with hope and promise.  It feels so hollow to be leaving with things in such a shambles.  That’s why I’ve put on so many bright colours, to try to inject a bit of cheer into my mood.

DSCF8779This shirt is one of my favourite thrift finds.  It’s the perfect mix of cute and kitsch and it suits my style so well.  The little figure on the front is padded so she stands out from the rest of the shirt, which is a fun touch.  It cost me a grand total of $3.


So next time I write an outfit post it will be from my new place.  I’m going to be without internet for a few days after I move, so don’t panic if my posts are a bit slow or sporadic, or if I don’t reply to your comments or emails.  I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth, I’m just in an internet-free zone.

Wish me luck!


    • Thank you. I’m really upset to be leaving this gorgeous house, and all the memories that it holds. But you’re right, the new place will eventually become a haven and I’ll have plenty of solo adventures there.

  1. I especially love the beret – it’s so you 🙂 and the shoes… I’m a sucker for red shoes as always!

    It’s ok to be sad – you need time to grieve and it’s perfectly understandable for moving house right now to be very painful. I’m sure later on you’ll slowly start to put your mark on your new place 🙂

    Thinking of you and sending you huuuuuugggs.

    • Thank you so much sweetheart. I’ve started unpacking at the new place and it’s already beginning to look like ‘my place’, so I’m feeling a bit more settled.

      I’m also a massive fan of red shoes. A while back I had to put a ban on buying any more, because I had so many red shoes and hardly any in other colours. My shoe wardrobe is still filled with red shoes.

  2. I am so sorry that this is your last picture by your old house, lovely lady. ❤ I can understand it's heartbreaking, having moved away from three places myself. (Our first trailer for a seasonal job, our actual travel trailer that we owned from a second seasonal job and had to sell, and our first apartment.) I hope you love your new place, and that many happy and healthy memories are made there. ❤

    That being said, your outfit is adorbs and I love the skirt so so so much and the beret!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Angie. It’s a really difficult time. I thought I’d feel more excited about having my own place, but I’m not. I’m going to miss this house, and what it represents so very, very much.

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