Daily outfit 21/8/2013

So today is my grandfather’s birthday.  If you’ve been following my blog for a while (or if you know me in person), you’ll know that my grandfather, or Pa, passed away two and a half years ago.  We were very close and even though he had been ill for a long time, losing him was a hard blow.  I try to make his birthday a happy occasion by celebrating all the things that made him special.  I try to indulge in some of his favourite treats as well.  So tonight I’m going to be snacking on some liquorice allsorts and raspberry cordial and watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.   The reason I watch that movie each year on his birthday is because the actor that plays Grandpa Joe reminds me so much of my Pa.  Plus, it’s impossible to feel sad when you’re watching that film.

Today I’m wearing a fairly simple outfit with some pretty details.


I am wearing:

– Grey cable knit jumper from Supre

– Brown trousers (thrifted)

– Brown and gold high heels from Savers

– Faux pearl necklace (thrifted)


I didn’t really feel like getting dressed up today, but I also wanted to wear something presentable.  This jumper and these trousers are so comfortable, that  they’re almost as good as kicking around in a tracksuit.  I dressed up the ensemble with my heels and the necklace.

DSCF8777I realised that this outfit cost less than $50 in total.  The jumper cost $35,  the shoes were $6 and the necklace and trousers were $1 each.  So in total that’s only $43.  I’m so thrifty!


So that’s what I’m wearing to celebrate my grandfather’s birthday.  I know that he’d approve of this comfy-but-smart outfit.  In fact, I’m sure he’d have approved if I’d spent the day in my P.Js.  He was one of the most relaxed people I’ve ever known, and he honestly couldn’t have cared less about the way anyone looked.  As long as you were a decent person who could enjoy a good belly-laugh, he’d have thought you were awesome and treated you like family.  I miss him so much, but it’s nice to look back and celebrate on his special day.



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