Daily outfit 19/8/2013

Today’s outfit is a super casual one.  I figure it’s O.K to post simple outfits on the blog every now and then.  I don’t always get dressed up and sometimes I’m happy to bum around the house in a jumper and jeans.

DSCF8730I am wearing:

– Rainbow striped turtleneck (thrifted)

– Purple jeans from Jay Jays

– Pink Converse All Star high top sneakers

– Plastic apple hair clips (purchased from a junk store at least fifteen years ago)

DSCF8731It was a very grey and cold day when I took these photos. That’s why they’re all grainy.  I like to attempt to counteract blah days with loads of colour.  Adding splashes of colour to a really casual outfit gives it a fun edge, I think.


DSCF8736I’ve been slightly obsessed with braids lately.  After I got my hair cut, I was lamenting over the fact that I can no longer wind my hair into a massively long plait.  To make up for this, I’ve been experimenting with different braids that work in my shorter hair.  On this day, I did two side braids and pinned them to the back of my head.  It’s a simple style, but I really like the way it looks.


What do you wear to brighten up a grey day?


  1. I love simple outfits, it makes me feel not so bad for the amount of times I’m often wearing simple outfits. I try and show some of my more casual outfits on the blog, I like to ‘keep it real, yo!’.
    Love this outfit, that jumper is amazing. I have to say though, you’d probably get carded if you tried to buy alcohol, you look 15!!

  2. I WANT THOSE PANTS! Such a gorgeous color. 😀 Grey days are my favorite, so I don’t mind wearing a little grey as well! Though I add a pop of color, like pink, or blue, or something neon. They all go wonderful with grey. 😀 Orange is a favorite too, especially if it’s rainy. Rainy weather and orange goes together well, I think!

    • Thanks. I’d wanted a pair of purple jeans for ages, so when I found these ones for just $10 I snapped them up. They’re so comfortable as well as being a fun colour.

  3. You’re the rainbow in the grey sky in this outfit! I loooove braids and my favourite at the moment is a side French braid (like Katniss in the Hunger Games, but I can’t do Dutch).

    • I’ve been experimenting with lots of different braids at the moment. I’m in love with waterfall braids, but I’m yet to master that technique.

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