My top 6 products for vintage beauty looks

Learning to create vintage makeup and hairstyles can be tricky.  While there are a lot of tutorials out there, it can be kind of hard to find the right products to use to achieve your dream look.  This is particularly true if you’re learning your techniques from vintage books which refer to brands and products that no longer exist.  The sheer multitude of modern products also makes the task of finding the right product very daunting.

Well, don’t despair, because I’m about to share my 6 top products for creating vintage beauty looks.  They’re all readily available and none of them are super-duper expensive.  I’ve tried a tonne of different products in my time, and these six have all performed better than the rest.  If you’re a vintage style connoisseur or even if you’re just looking to dabble in the world of vintage-inspired beauty, I’d recommend stocking your beauty case with these little rippers.

DSCF87051. Toni & Guy Glamour Spritz and Shine Liquid Mousse.

When I pin-curl my hair, this is my setting product of choice.  I use an amount about the size of a golf ball and massage it into very wet hair before I roll it up into a set.  It provides great, flexible hold and it brushes out easily without any static or crunchiness.  It’s also brilliant for creating finger-waves on dry hair.

DSCF87092. Yardey April Violets spray cologne

Sometimes you need a truly lovely perfume to put you in the vintage spirit, and this is just the thing.  It’s a very simple, classic cologne that smells of gorgeous fresh violets.  The scent is super feminine and it isn’t too strong.  I’ll mist a little of this into my hair or décolletage before I step out in a vintage ensemble.


3. Barry M Blink black waterproof precision eyeliner

There’s something quintessentially vintage about a cat’s eye flick.  Gorgeous as this look can be, it can be jolly difficult to achieve.  I love this eyeliner pen because it’s so easy to apply.  It has a flexible felt tip with just the right amount of bend to give even the most inexperienced makeup artist a shot at drawing the perfect flick.  The point is really fine for precision lining, or you can lie the tip on it’s side for a thicker line.  It’s waterproof and fade resistant.

4. Lipstick Queen Red Sinner matte lipstick.

When you’re putting together a vintage-inspired makeup look, it’s very hard to go past a good red lip.  I’ve tried so many red lippies, and this one is my absolute favourite.  It’s got a matte texture that works perfectly with many classic vintage styles.  It’s easy to apply and superbly long lasting.  Best of all, it doesn’t dry out your lips like matte lipsticks can.  At $34, it’s not exactly cheap, but it’s worth every penny.

5. Benefit Porefessional primer

Getting a smooth and even complexion is one of the biggest struggles to achieving a vintage makeup look.  I have quite oily skin, and I find that my enlarged pores tend to make my vintage bases look cakey and uneven.  But this little beauty fixes all that.  I apply a tiny bit to my nose, cheeks and forehead and leave it to set for about five minutes before I put on my foundation. It helps your base to go on really smoothly and makes it last longer.  I find that when I use this product, I don’t have to touch up with powder as often, and my base has that gorgeous porcelain texture that’s so covetable.


6. Murray’s Superior Hair Dressing Pomade.

If you’re aiming for a sleek vintage ‘do, this pomade is just what you need.  I pop a little bit on my hands to give me better control when shaping victory waves and back rolls.  It smells gorgeous and it leaves the hair soft and silky smooth.  You can also use it to tame flyaways to get that perfect beehive or pageboy.  I’ve also used it on short hairdos to smooth and tidy.  You only need to use a tiny bit at a time so one tin lasts ages.  I bought this for $8 three years ago, and I’m not even halfway through the tin.

What are your favourite products for creating vintage looks?


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