Things I Love Thursday 8/8/2013

It’s the eighth day of the eighth month.  I feel like that’s something to celebrate.  Well, it’s Thursday as well, so I guess I should celebrate with a list of all the things I love.

This week I love:

DSCF8679-This picture I took of Jelly jumping out of the bath.  She’s taken to sitting in the bathtub lately, and I’ve been trying to get a picture of her doing it without success.  This is the closest I’ve gotten.  I realise it’s a terrible picture, but I’m so tickled by the funny look on her face.

– Random phone calls from my mum when I’m feeling low.  She has a sixth sense for being able to tell when I’m having a rough day.

DSCF8680-Finishing crochet and knitting projects.  I made this little owl hat for one of my workmate’s granddaughters…

DSCF8681– And these armwarmers for my friend Tom.

– Giving my nana a manicure.

DSCF8699-This present from Ross.  It’s Heartbreaker Iron Man.  How fucking appropriate.  I just love the irony of this.

DSCF8698-Cats who will sleep in the most uncomfortable-looking positions and be completely happy with it.

– Getting my learners permit without even having to sit the test.  I had studied my butt off and was all ready to ace that exam, but when I rocked up they told me that because it’s been less than 5 years since my first permit expired, they just reissue it.  So all I had to do was pose for a new photograph and sign a paper and I’m able to begin learning to drive again.

– Baking chocolate chip cookies, my go-to happy food.

-Beth Ditto.  I borrowed her autobiography Coal to Diamonds on the weekend and it blew me away.  She has had such an incredible life, with so many challenges and obstacles and she just keeps getting stronger and more awesome.  There was a part of the book where she talked about how she’d wanted to commit suicide at one point, and her sister told her to just take it day by day, or minute by minute, or second by second if that’s all you can take.  It was such an inspiring read.  I’ve been listening to a lot of Gossip this week, and these are a couple  of my favourite jams.

Amazing, right?  And her personal style is totally fab.  I think we could be besties.

– Gorgeous emails from friends to check up on me.

-Call the Midwife.  It’s this fantastic BBC series that my mother introduced me to.  It’s based on the memoirs of Jenny Lee, who was a midwife in London in the 1950’s.  Some parts of it are heartbreaking, but it’s a really good program.  Watching it made me feel such a profound respect for mothers, and the intense pain and joy that must come from bringing a child into the world.  It’s also got some really funny moments too.  Definitely worth checking it out.

What do you love this week?  Feel free to join in and leave your own Things I Love Thursday list in the comments.


  1. Oooh, that photo of Jelly is so darling! Our cat (Stella) has always enjoyed using the bathtub as her (not so) secret hideout during the summer months (especially when we lived in Eastern Canada, where the humidity at this time of the year was stifling). The cool porcelain must feel so good for a hot kitty!

    ♥ Jessica

    • When it’s hot, Jelly loves to stretch out on the bathroom tiles. But at the moment the weather is freezing, so I don’t know why she’s so fascinated by the tub. I think she knows that my other cat, Ringo, is afraid of the bathroom so it’s a place she can escape from him.

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