Daily outfit 7/8/2013

I’ve been making an effort to wear more dresses and skirts lately.  When winter rolls in, I have a tendency to hang out in jeans and pants because they’re warmer.  But I did a wardrobe clear out last week and realised that I’ve got a drawer filled with stockings and tights that I just don’t wear often enough.  So I’m trying to branch out in my winter wardrobe.


DSCF8682I am wearing:

– Red dress from Free Fusion at Target

– Black cardigan with red flowers (swiped from my friend Kate’s wardrobe)

– Black herringbone tights from Big W.

– Red and black satin stilettos (thrifted)

– Giant black flower ring (gift from my parents)

-Red rose stud earrings



I am a huge fan of herringbone tights.  They’re a great pattern which lengthens the legs and looks a tiny bit classier than fishnets.  They’re perfect for pairing with vintage outfits or for dressing up an otherwise plain dress.  If you like to wear all-black outfits, textured tights are a great way to break up your ensembles and add a little bit of pizazz.


DSCF8685Another reason that I’m sticking with skirts and dresses is that I’ve lost quite a lot of weight lately.  Not intentionally, but I’ve been under a lot of stress and I tend to shed kilos like crazy when I’m under pressure.  My appetite has disappeared too, and I seem to be suffering a case of break-up-orexia.  It really sucks because all of my pants are now fitting too loose.  Hopefully I’ll be back to my usual size soon.  I’m not loving being so teeny-weenie.


DSCF8686Do you love textured tight too?  What’s your favourite pattern?






  1. I love stockings and tights, I have a pair similar to these that I love and wear often. I tend to be a dress/skirt wearer most of the time cause I can never find pants that fit me properly. I’m loving this outfit, you look stunning in red!

    • Thank you so much. I never used to wear skirts or dresses very often, because I get cold too easily and also because I never used to feel comfortable going bare-legged. But once I discovered the wonderful world of tights, I started wearing dresses a lot more often.

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