Daily outfit 24/7/2013

It’s funny how timing works when you’re a blogger.  Sometimes I’ll put on a really great outfit, and I’ll decide to photograph it to use in a Daily Outfit post.  Then I get waylaid and distracted and the pictures sit on my computer for a while.  By the time I get around to using them on my blog, something else has happened which renders the pictures slightly out-of-sequence.  It’s a little like watching a film where somebody has fucked up the continuity.


So I’m going to be straight with you.  These pictures were taken a full week and half before this post.  And you’ll notice that I still have long hair in the pictures.  This was a little less than a week before my massive haircut, and it makes me a little nostalgic to look back at myself with all that hair.  


DSCF8592I am wearing:

– Red snood (handmade by me)

– Black wool jumper from Target

– Vintage gold and pearl brooch

– Red leather pencil skirt from Threadsville Vintage

– Black and grey “Wicked” tights from Sportsgirl

– Red and black satin stilettos (thrifted)

-Red leopard print ring from Diva


DSCF8593I can’t believe that I haven’t worn this skirt in an outfit post yet.  It was a birthday gift from my parents and I adore it.  This outfit is very similar to what I wore on my actual birthday.  The only differences are that I wore nude tights and a red and white striped jumper instead of the black one.


DSCF8597The tights were from the last time Ross and I went to Melbourne together.  Sportsgirl had 50% off all their clearance stock, so they wound up being about $6.  They are really thick and warm, and they’re quite fun as well.


DSCF8594I wore this outfit to visit my parents and watch Would I Lie To You? with my brother. It’s becoming a “thing” we do every time he comes home to visit.  I’m a crap liar and I always find it difficult to tell when other people are lying, so I always lose when we play along at home.


DSCF8595So there you have it: a very out-of-synch post that will probably be the last outfit post that features my long hair.  That is unless I dig up some other photos that I’ve taken and not used yet.







    • Thank you. My makeup is from the Urban Decay Oz the Great and Powerful palettes. The eyes are from the Theodora palette and the lipstick is also called Theodora.

  1. Marvelous outfit! There is a wildly appealing blend of whimsy and bold elegance at work here. Wonderful, classic colour palette and outfit composition – you look smashing, dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica

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