Daily outfit 17/7/2013

Today while I was getting dressed, disaster struck.  One of my favourite pairs of boots broke.  And I don’t mean that they just broke a little bit, they are freakin’ totalled.  The sole has completely come away from the upper and one of the zippers is busted.

So instead I decided to wear a pair of freak-em heels with this outfit.  I think it works.


DSCF8542I am wearing:

– Black bodysuit from Supre

– Black and white zebra striped skirt from Target

– Red wool wrap (gift from Ross’s mum)

– Fishnet tights from Big W

– Black heels from Rubi Shoes

– Amethyst ring

– Peridot ring (from my grandmother’s jewellery box).

– Long silver tone chain from Diva

– Leaf bangle (birthday gift from Ross’s sister)


I’m feeling a little bit Cruella in this outfit, what with all the animal print and all the diva-esque accents

DSCF8545Speaking of animal print.  I realised that I’ve inadvertently paired two different animal prints together.  I had no idea until I took these pictures.  Oh well, I think it kind of works because the print on the tights is subtle.

DSCF8547My bangle is brand new too!  I got it for my birthday from Ross’s sister, and I love it.


My makeup today is from my Urban Decay Theodora palette.  I can’t even express how awesome this palette is.  The packaging rocks, the shadows are really pigmented and easy to blend and the colours are gorgeous.  The lipstick that comes with the Theodora palette is insanely lovely too.  So glossy and long-lasting.  I’m a fan!

DSCF8543So even though this outfit started off with a broken pair of shoes, and it breaks a couple of fashion rules, I’m still pretty darn happy with it.


  1. So very, awesomely fabulous! I adore the boldness, the vibrancy and artistry of this eye-catching ensemble. From the zebra print skirt to the leaf bangle, it’s all marvelous and looks stellar on you, dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica

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