My top 5 male fashion icons.

I write a lot about the people that I draw fashion inspiration from.  Most of the time, these people are women.  That makes sense I suppose, because I’m a woman and I wear women’s clothing.  But upon closer thought, I’ve decided that it’s about time that I focussed on some of the men that I find stylish and inspiring.  There are so many gorgeously-dressed men out to choose from, but these are my top 5 male fashion icons.

1. Johnny Depp

DSCF5837(Disclaimer: this isn’t the real Johnny Depp.  But he looked so close to the real thing that I was pretty excited, as you can tell)

Johnny Depp and I have loads of things in common.  We both love Tim Burton, we share a birthday and we like putting crazy shit in our hair.  I honestly think that if I were a dude, I’d dress like Johnny Depp.  He has this perfect mix of bohemian dustiness and dapper gentleman going on that I just adore.  His eclectic style mirrors my own in many ways.

2. Noel Fielding


Image from

Noel’s style is just so much fun.  He doesn’t take himself too seriously and is just as likely to appear on stage wearing a flannie and jeans or a sequinned bodysuit and a bowler hat.  His style is a real grab-bag that’s heavily influenced by punk, glam rock and hipster stylings.

3. RuPaul Charles


Image from Cool Fun Pix

Werk!  I’m not talking about RuPaul when he’s in drag, I’m talking about his day-to-day fashion.  Ru is always impeccably styled, and is a living example of what a difference a well-fitting suit can make.  He’s fearless with his fashion, choosing bright colours, striking prints and even bow-ties sometimes.  My favourite thing about Ru’s wardrobe is his fantastic collection of glasses.  He’s got a different pair for every occasion.

4. James Franco



Image from The Guardian

There’s nothing groundbreaking about the way James Franco dresses.  He tends to stick to classic items that have a touch of vintage appeal.  What I love about Franco’s style is that he’s always perfectly groomed without looking overdone.   He’s not squeaky-clean and plastic, but he always looks freshly-showered and gorgeous.  He’s perfected the designer-stubble and bed-hair look so that it never appears grungy and dirty.  I love that “done but not too done” look.  In a way it kind of reminds me of Audrey Hepburn, who always looked so gorgeously groomed, without ever looking like she was trying too hard.


5. David Bowie


Image from here

I’ll always be a fan of the glam-rock look, which is synonymous with David Bowie.  Bowie’s style has always been cutting-edge and his look has evolved as he’s gotten older.  He’s not fallen into the trap of getting boring with age.  Rather, he continues to push the envelope and dress in a gorgeous style that suits him brilliantly.  He’s a shining example of what you can achieve by experimenting with new things and not being afraid to step out of your comfort zone.  By allowing his style to change with time, he’s evolved into a timeless fashion icon, rather than being known for embodying a single style era.

Who are your favourite male fashion icons?  Is there anyone that I’ve left out?


  1. Such fabulousness! I agree, about Johnny Depp, though if I am honest, I’d more likely dress as Jack Sparrow. 😉 Captain. I go more for how characters dress, than the actors themselves. Though every so often, I do love both their character look and their out of character look. One is Alexander Skarsgård, otherwise known as Eric Northman. In character, he’s very vampy most of the time. Black leather jeans, black leather jackets, black shirts. Sometimes a suit, sometimes not. I love wearing black, and I love leather. He also wears Viking jewelry, which uh, I do too! Out of character, his clothes are very clean. Plaid. Lots of denim. Button up shirts, slightly unbuttoned. Never messy, yet not perfectly clean either. Love!

    • Alexander Skarsgard was actually on my shortlist when I was writing this post. He’s a very stylish man, although if I’m totally honest, it’s not really his clothes that I’m interested in.

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