Outfit link-up: My favourite fairy tale.

Outfit posts are my favourite kind of post to read, and my favourite kind to write as well.  I first became interested in blogging when I noticed the fleet of extraordinary women who were posting their daily outfits online. I found it so inspiring to see the clothes that other women my age, with a similar budget to me were living their everyday lives in.  To this day, outfit posts are my all-time favourite thing to read on other blogs.

From the look of the comments you leave, and the results of every reader survey I’ve ever done, you enjoy outfit posts too.  So I’ve been trying to think of ways to make some super-awesome outfit posts for you to enjoy.

I figured that one way to make outfit posts more spectacular would be to include more bloggers.  So today I’ve asked some of my favourite fashion and lifestyle bloggers to help me out.  I’ve asked each of them to post an outfit based on the same theme, which is:

My Favourite Fairy Tale

Once you’ve taken a look at my outfit, don’t forget to click on through to check out the other bloggers who are contributing to this link-up.

So, there are many fairy tales that I love, but my all-time favourite is The Emperor’s New Clothes by Hans Christian Anderson.

As a child, I always enjoyed this story because I found the idea of a naked emperor hilarious.  Now that I’m older, I appreciate the message behind this classic tale: that it’s important to think for yourself and not believe only what you’re told even if you’re worried about looking like a fool.  It’s a moral I hold dear to my heart.

For my Emperor’s New Clothes inspired outfit, I wanted to use underwear as outerwear to create a look that looked regal and anything but half-dressed.

DSCF8533I added the faux fur wrap as a slightly regal touch.


I am wearing:

– Black feather fascinator (gift from my parents)

– Black and pink corset from Target

– White faux fur wrap (from my grandmother’s closet)

– White crinoline petticoat from Vicious Venus

– Black sequinned shorts from 7 Angels

– Purple garter stockings from Sportsgirl

– Black and white heels from Steve Madden

– Amethyst ring (from Nana’s jewellery box)

– Swarovski stud (in left ear)

– Crystal chain stud from Sportsgirl (in right ear)


Whaddaya mean my slip is showing?


I had loads of fun putting this outfit together.  I’ve always wanted to wear this crinoline as a skirt, but it’s a little bit too transparent for my liking.  I solved that problem by adding a little pair of sequinned shorts underneath.


I couldn’t resist showing off the garters on these tights too!

DSCF8538Another thing I couldn’t resist?  Twirling in this petticoat!


I didn’t want the look to be too prissy and cute, so I added my chain stud for a slightly punk touch.


Now that you’ve seen my post, check out the outfits my bloggy friends have put together:

Nina from Le Fancy Geek

Natalie from XL as Life

Violet from Violet LeBeaux

Jenny from Magic Cat Jenny

Amanda from Dragonflight Dreams

Angie from Lariats and Lavender

A big thank you to all the bloggers who participated in this link-up.  It’s been so much fun working with you!

What’s your favourite fairy tale?



  1. I LOVE this outfit, and yes I know, I can’t believe I hadn’t commented yet! Eep! You did a fantastic job and I love how creative you are. You could rock this look (and all of your outfits, honestly) walking down the street. You have gorgeous flair and confidence and I think more women, and men, need that!

    • Thanks so much for this comment. I really appreciate your kind words. That’s one of the things that I try to inspire with my blog: the confidence to try new things.

  2. I absolutely love this. *.* It reminds me so much of Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion (on of my favorite movies) – the dress Michelle wore to their prom! 🙂

    • Thank you! I hadn’t really given that any thought, but you’re right. I can totally see the resemblance between my outfit and Michelle’s prom dress.

  3. I love how you interpreted The Emperor’s New Clothes by creating an ensemble based on underwear-as-outwear 😀 It kind of reminds me of Madonna circa 1980s! I know I chose Alice as my inspiration, but my favorite fairytale as a child was Hansel & Gretel. My mom used to read it to my sister and I every night when we were kids. ❤ Thanks for including me in this round up!

    • Haha! I totally see the Madonna influence in this outfit, although it’s not really what I had originally intended.
      Hansel and Gretel is such a great story. I adored your Alice ensemble!

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