1920’s faux bob hairstyle

Nearly a year ago, one of my readers asked me to do a tutorial for a 1920’s bob hairstyle using pin-curls as a base.  She sent me a few pictures from Downton Abbey as a reference.  It was really similar to a style I’ve worn myself, but it’s taken me forever to get around to doing the tutorial.  So sorry!

I’ve decided to do this style as a photo tutorial because it’s a time-consuming style and I think photos might be easier to follow than a video.

To do this style, you’ll need a basic knowledge of how to pin-curl your hair.  Your hair will need to be at least shoulder length for this style to work.  I find that this style works best on straight or wavy hair.

You will need:

– A wide-toothed comb

– A tail comb

– Hairspray

– Setting lotion of your choice.  This is optional.  You may not need to use any sort of setting product if your hair holds a curl easily.  I prefer to use a small amount of mousse on mine just to give it a bit more hold.

– Hairbrush

– Loads of bobby pins.

Step 1.

Jump in the shower and wet your hair.  Towel dry until your hair is still quite wet, although not dripping wet.

Step 2.

Use a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair.  Please don’t use a brush for this step as brushing wet hair can cause it to snap and break.  Apply a small amount of setting lotion to the lengths of your hair if you’re using it.

Step 3.

Part your hair into a deep side part.  Make a triangular section of hair at the front of your head.

Step 4.

Pin curl this front section into 6 curls.  Use an alternating pin-curl patter.  This means that you’ll have two curls that turn towards the face, then two curls that turn away from the face and then another two curls that turn towards the face.  I’ve used a very scientific-looking picture to illustrate this.  These curls will form the wave at the front of the face when the style is finished.

Step 5.

Pin curl the right side of your head in an alternating pin curl pattern.  Roll the first curl towards your face, then the next curl away from your face.  Continue like this until you reach the back of your head.


This alternating pattern of making one curl roll under and the next roll over will help the hair to knit together when we pin it up later.


It’s really important that you lay the curls flat against your head.  Don’t twist the base of your curls, because this will add more volume at the top of your head.  The 1920’s styles were very flat on the scalp, so we want the curls to lie smooth against your head.


Step 6.

Pin curl the hair on the left side of your head, using that same alternating pattern. The first curl rolls towards the face, and the next rolls away from the face and so forth.

Step 7.

Now your hair is all rolled up.  Give your head a gentle shake and make sure that the curls are all secure.  Add more pins to any curls that feel loose.  Leave them in overnight to dry completely.  If you need to, tie a cotton scarf over your hair to keep everything in place.

Ta-da!  It’s morning!  By now your curls should be all dry and ready to style.

Step 8.

Release all the pin curls except for the front section.  When you pull your curls out, make sure that you pull them downwards, rather than outwards.  Pulling your curls outwards will create volume, which we don’t want for this look.  You want the curls to flow down straight.

Step 9.

Use your tail comb to carefully smooth the crown of your head.  Don’t pull the comb all the way through the curls, just smooth the top of your head.  Be careful not to disturb that front section.

Step 10.

This part is slightly tricky, and it might take a few goes to get it right.  Take the hair from the right side of your head in your hand.  Push it up towards your head and roll it underneath until it looks like short hair.  The alternating pattern of the curls will allow the hair to ‘knit’ together and settle snugly into your neck.  Pin the hair securely into position, placing the pins underneath your hair so that they’re hidden.  It looks best if you use pins that are the same shade as your hair for this part.

Step 11.

Repeat on the left side of your head, rolling and pinning the hair underneath so that it looks like a cropped bob.  Cute!

Step 12.

Release the curls from that front section.  Once again, remember to pull them down rather than outwards.

Step 13.

Brush out this section.  Be patient, as brushing out the curls may take a long time (hence my bored expression in this picture)  Brush until the section is smooth.

Step 14.

Use your fingers to fashion this front section into an “s’ shaped wave.  Secure it with pins and tuck the ends into the hair behind your ear.  If you’d like to make more defined finger waves, check out this video I made which will show you how to do it.

Step 15.

Give the whole thing a blast of hairspray and you’re all done!

f you wanted you could also add a hair accessory or headband to dress it up.

Well, that sure was a long tutorial!  Let me know if you’ve got any questions.  If you’d like to request a look for me to make a tutorial for, just ask, I’d be happy to oblige!



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