Daily outfit 19/6/2013

We’re really getting into winter now!  This is the outfit I wore to go to the Violet Town market last weekend.  It was a frosty morning, so I knew that I was going to need plenty of cosy layers.  We’d had a lot of rain in the days leading up to the market, so I needed to wear boots because the ground at the market tends to get quite muddy.

DSCF8350Rather than sticking to boring browns and greys for winter, I like to mix up my outfits with pops of colour and fun accessories.  I’m a firm believer in using clothing to make cold weather more bearable!

DSCF8351I am wearing:

– Pink Tank Girl hat from a random stall at Northland

– Skull scarf from Sportsgirl

– Queens hoodie from Cotton On Body

– Purple jeans from Jay Jays

– Biker boots from Big W

– Black and white armwarmers from Cotton On

– Lucite sunglasses from Jay Jays

DSCF8357I also piled on the thermals underneath this ensemble.

DSCF8352I had a lot of fun at the market.  I saw loads of gorgeous crafts, but I didn’t buy any. I’ve made a pact not to buy anything that I could make for myself, and now that I’m becoming a dab hand at crocheting, a lot of cute crafts are within my abilities.  I did come home with a big bag of vegetables and a couple of blocks of cheese.  Delicious.


DSCF8358All in all, it was a super-fun trip.  I stayed pretty warm and really enjoyed browsing through all the stalls.

What do you wear to put a spring in your step in winter?


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