Disney Villains makeup tutorial: Scar from The Lion King.

Welcome to another installment of my Disney Villains makeup series.  Each month, I choose a Disney Villain and create a look inspired by them.  I’m sharing monthly pictures of the different looks I’ve created, as well as video tutorials to show you how to get the look for yourself.  This month, I’m drawing my inspiration from Disney’s shadiest cat, Scar from The Lion King.

DSCF8391I’ve already mentioned that Aladdin is my favourite Disney movie.  But The Lion King is a close second. When I was growing up, we only owned two Disney films on video: The Lion King and Pocahontas, so those are the two that I’ve seen the most.  I love the musical numbers in The Lion King. The story is both heart-wrenching and hilariously funny.  It’s got an all-star voice cast and awesome animation. Plus, Scar is a devious villain, which only adds to the film in my opinion.

DSCF8400To begin with, I contoured my face to reflect Scar’s haggard, drawn appearance.  I really played up my cheekbones with this look.


DSCF8394For the eyes, I used lots of shades of copper, brown and black: all the colours of Scar’s coat.  I kept the eye quite soft and smoky, for a feline look.


I used a brown glossy lip pencil to define and fill in the lips.  Not only does this colour mirror Scar’s own face, but it’s a little nod to the brown-lipped looks that were so popular in the 90’s when this film was released.

DSCF8400Of all the Disney Villains looks I’ve done so far, I think that this one is the most wearable.  You could easily get away with wearing this look for a sultry night out, or to prowl the city during the daytime.

If you’ve enjoyed this video, you might like to check out the other looks in this series:

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If you have a favourite Disney villain, and you’d like to see me create a look based on them, please feel free to get in touch with me!


  1. This is so cool, Ness!!! This is one I think I’d try, even though copper doesn’t go with my skin/eye color very well (for some reason :/) I think I’d do a big sweeping cat eye in black, too. I must try this!!!

    • Thank you! I think of all of my Disney Villains looks so far, this one is the most wearable.

      If copper tones don’t really suit you, perhaps try some smoky grey shades and a more green-toned gold. They might work a bit better. Just use the greys where I’ve used dark brown and gold where I’ve used copper.

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