Things I Love Thursday 13/6/2013

Happy Thursday everyone!  Today’s Things I Love Thursday is going to be a little different from the norm.  The lovely Anouchka from Life of Bun tagged me in her Weird Scents post.  In it, she asks what day-to-day scents make you smile.  So today, I thought that Things I Love Thursday could have a bit of an olfactory theme.

This Thursday, I love the smell of:

– Baking bread.  I made my own bread last week and the smell was incredible.  My mother has worked at a bakery for as long as I can remember and when I was little I used to love hugging her when she got home from work because her clothes always smelled like fresh bread.  Mmmm.

DSCF8261– My cat’s paws.  Not only are they soft and cute, but they smell like corn chips.  No joke!  And there’s a scientific reason for it.

– A freshly-opened jar of coffee.  I only drink instant coffee because brewed coffee gives me a headache.  When you peel back the foil on a new jar, the smell is incredible.  It fades really fast though, so I enjoy it while I can.

– Clean laundry.  Such a fresh, comforting scent.

– Orange chewing gum.  Ross loves orange-flavoured gum, so the smell of it always reminds me of him.

– A recently-extinguished candle or match.

– Asphalt on a hot day

– Rain.

– The fish and chip shop I pass on my way home from work each day.  It always smells so delicious as I go past.

And some non-smelly things I love:

il_570xN.452795223_rav6– This tank top.  I’m a huge Arrested Development fan and I had a blast watching the new season this week.  It’s no secret that Buster is my favourite character, and this top just cracks me up.

DSCF8328-My new vacuum cleaner.  I bought this on sale last week when my other vacuum started to give up the ghost.  It’s been losing suction for a while now, so I jumped at the chance to replace it.  This one is so cute and purple!  But aside from being gorgeous, this baby works like a dream.  It picked up a disgusting amount of hair and dust on the first run.  I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to cleaning appliances, and I’m stoked that this one works so well.

– Looking forward to having a week off.

– Gorgeous emails from readers.

DSCF8329-Treating myself to a new pair of shoes for my birthday.  I’ve been on the lookout for a really cute pair of casual trainers to replace my black converse sneakers.  These ones are fantastic.  They’re the classic Adidas shell-top sneakers with a gorgeous heart print.  I love them.

– Hanging out with my brother.

– Going for long car trips in the rain with Ross.

What smells do you love?


    • Thanks! They’re really comfy too.

      I think fresh-baked bread is just such a warm, comforting smell. It always makes me feel so hungry!

  1. Your kitty is so precious. ❤ Also, that vacuum is bad ass!!! Oh man, smells… I am such a scent person. I love scents, LOVE THEM. For me…

    Jen's make-up and perfume, and her own natural scent. I love that we all have one and I can't exactly describe what it's like, but it's just… her.

    The smell of Autumn, when everything is magickal and crisp.

    The smell of pool water and the smell of towels, etc. once they've dried and it's a mix of sun and water.

    I love the smell of rain, and afterwards.

    I also love the smell of gasoline, weird but true! Asphalt as well. ^_^

    Fresh cut grass!

    Kitty fur and puppy breath.

    Certain perfumes, especially Forever Red, Haiku, Tenacious and Viva La Juicy.

    Dragon's blood incense, and Water/Cactus Lily incense too.

    Anything pine related!

    Dirt, especially wet dirt.

    Fabric softener.

    Towels fresh from the dryer.

    Water in any form.

    Oddly enough, I love both the smell of manure (like in a horse stall, or the rodeo) and also the scent of sea water and brine shrimp that comes from the lake. Most people hate these, but not me. 😉

    Home-made food, especially pot roast!

    The smell of a roaring BBQ.

    And so much more…

    • I’m practically swooning at the list of scents you’ve got there. Some of them, especially pool towels, I’d totally forgotten about.
      I actually considered putting Ross on this list, but like you I found it really hard to describe his scent. It’s spicy and woody and warm, but so hard to put into words. Sometimes I will give him a kiss on the forehead, but what I’m really doing is smelling his hair because it always smells so good! He doesn’t suspect a thing…

  2. What is it with animal paws hehe 😀 but I have tried sniffing my mom’s dog’s paws now, finally, and it does have a particular smell. Not bad! Very soft. And a freshly opened jar of coffeeee… hmmmm SOOO gooood!

    • I get unreasonably excited when we’re getting towards the end of a jar of coffee, because I know that a new one is just around the corner/\.

  3. Awww, your sweet kitty is so splendidly cute! I’ve noticed that distinct scene to my cat’s paws before, too, but didn’t know there was a scientific reason behind it. So cool – thank you for sharing that link!

    ♥ Jessica

    • It was a few years ago that I found out about the cat’s paws thing. One of my friends asked me if I knew why cat’s paws smelled like corn chips, and I was like, “That’s ridiculous! Cat’s paws don’t smell like that!” and then I realised that they actually do. It’s a fascinating little factoid.

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