Daily outfit 12/6/2013

This outfit was worn on a very cold and gloomy day.  On most cold and gloomy days, I will try to wear something bright and cheery to counteract the grey blah of the outside world.  But on this day, I felt like wearing something a bit darker.  So I let my inner goth take over.


DSCF8321I am wearing:

– Black lace corset dress from 7 Angels

– Grey velvet blazer from Tree of Life

– Black lace-up boots (thrifted)

– Vintage mother of pearl earrings (thrifted)

– Yin-Yang mood ring (gift from my parents when I was 7)

– Owl knuckleduster ring (gift from my dad)

– Black leggings from K Mart

– Dark green bangle (thrifted)

DSCF8325So as not to bee too dark and gothic, I kept my makeup fairly polished and simple.  I love wearing my hair like this, because it keeps it out of my way and this style looks way more complicated than it really is.

DSCF8323I’m sure you’ll hear it again before winter is out, but I love these boots.  They are a perfect fit and they’re great for wearing with some of my floatier dresses to make them more winter-appropriate.  For $7, you can’t go wrong!


DSCF8327This owl ring was a gift from my dad.  It’s slightly too big for me, but I wear it anyway because it’s just so spectacular.  I have a bit of a thing for owls, even though I’ve never seen one in real life.

So that’s what I wore to embrace the cold, rainy winter.


  1. Oooh, I can’t decide which I love more your stellar boots, darling owl ring, or classically lovely crown braid – they’re all marvelous, just like this whole outfit itself.

    ♥ Jessica

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