Daily outfit 10/6/2013

I don’t know about you, but when I’ve got something shiny and new in my wardrobe, I can’t just wear it once and be done with it.  I like to wear it over, and over and over until the novelty wears off.  And with this gorgeous vintage cossack hat, the novelty isn’t wearing off any time soon.

DSCF8312I am wearing:

– Black vintage hat from Bess Georgette Vintage

– Black long-sleeved top from Cotton On

– Multi-coloured kaftan from Target

– Black harem pants from Target

– Black stilettos from Rubi Shoes

– Hematite necklace (vintage, from my Grandmother’s jewellery box)

– Gypsy bangle (gift from a friend)


So, you might have noticed that I’ve got new shoes too.  I bought these online a few weeks ago and I’ve been wearing them quite a bit. Despite the height of the heel, they aren’t too difficult to walk in because they’ve got a little platform in the front.  I just love the strappiness of them!


I’ve been trying to think of new outfits to wear this hat with.  Last time, it was a kind of modern hippie outfit.  This time, I thought that I’d go for something bright and fun.  I found a bunch of pictures in my scrapbook that featured eccentric old women in kaftans and billowy pants lounging about, dripping with jewellery and furs.  Instead of donning a tracksuit after work, I thought I’d take a leaf out of their book and slip into something more stylish.



I’m still not tired of this hat.  Not one bit!  I’ve got to think of a different look to team it with next time.  I’m thinking something a bit more polished and sexy, perhaps a wiggle skirt and a tight jumper and pearls.  We’ll just have to see…


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