Daily outfit 3/6/2013

Welcome to winter!  Normally I get really lazy with my outfits when the weather gets cold.  I get sucked into the trap of just wanting to wear pyjamas and trackie-dacks to escape from the cold weather.  It’s silly really because I have a closet full of gorgeous winter clothes that don’t get worn often enough.  So to pull myself out of this little slump, I’m going to aim to do outfit posts twice a week instead of just weekly.  That’s good news for you guys, because according to the reader survey I did at the start of the year, Daily Outfit posts are your favourite kind of posts on this blog.  Hooray!  Everyone wins!


Last weekend, my mother and I went on a vintage shopping trip.  Mum was at a bit of a loss for birthday-present ideas for me, so she decided to just give me money to spend on vintage clothes. It was quite nostalgic because we used to go clothes shopping every year on my birthday when I was a teenager.  It was great to spend some quality time with just the two of us.

DSCF8283Also, I got some incredible clothes.  I will show you some pictures of them tomorrow, but I’m not allowed to actually wear any of the things we bought until after my birthday (boo!)

DSCF8281I am wearing:

– Black beret from Target

– Red and white striped jumper (thrifted)

– Blue jeans (thrifted)

– Red mary janes from I Love Billy

– Silver signet ring (8th birthday present from my parents)

– Amethyst ring (gift from Ross)

DSCF8282I went for a kind of “so Frenchy, so chic” look.  I knew that I was going to be trying on a lot of clothes, so I didn’t want to wear anything that had too many buttons or frills.  I also needed to be comfortable, as there was going to be a lot of walking about.  Also, it was flippin’ freezing that day, so I rugged up with a coat and gloves as well.

DSCF8286I really loved my hair this way.  I’m having a bit of a love affair with French braids at the moment, so I started off with one of those to give the top of my hair some soft texture.  For the bottom of my braid, I tried out a new rope braiding technique.  I was inspired by Game of Thrones, as both Cercei and Sansa were wearing this style in the last episode.  Cercei is such a bitch, but she has fabulous hair. (Although I think Daenerys has the best hair of all, closely followed by Kahl Drogo.  Sometimes I imagine how amazing their baby’s hair would have been.  But I digress).


I had a really fun day shopping with Mum, and I can’t wait to show off all my vintage treasures tomorrow.  I’ll be sure to include them all in outfit posts when I’m finally allowed to wear them too!


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