Things I Love Thursday 30/5/2013

It’s Thursday again!  Where on earth did that last week go?  Time just seems to be flying by, and I really wish that I could just put the brakes on a bit.  One thing that helps to ground me a bit when things seem to be moving so fast is to focus on all the things I love and am grateful for.  So it’s fitting that today is Things I love Thursday.

This week, I love:

– My nana.  She is one of the most loving and generous people in my life.  I am in awe of how strong she is, and how many difficult things she’s weathered with grace and dignity.  In spite of her ladylike grace, she still has a wicked sense of humour and the balls to tell it like it is.  I was having tea with her the other night, and nan was telling the story of how she met my grandfather.  She told me that he asked her to the pictures, and she didn’t really like him but he was known for being very persistent, so she said yes to shut him up.  One year later they got married and stayed that way for sixty years.  It goes to show that sometimes you should say ‘yes’ to opportunities even if you aren’t sure if they’re for you.

DSCF8260-Relaxing with my new fleecy PJ pants and toe socks.

– The fact that my Dad still loves me even though I make mistakes.  I made his birthday cake this week and it was a disaster.  I broke a huge chunk off the cake getting it out of the pan, the icing was a mess and the candles kept falling over.  But Dad still thanked me for my efforts and ate a huge slice.  Mercifully, he decided not to take a photo of his cake this year.  We don’t need to remember that one.

DSCF8264-Egg and bacon cupcakes.  I made a batch of these for breakfast this week and they were incredible.  And easy!  Just line the cups of a muffin tray with bacon rashers, crack an egg into each cup, sprinkle some cheese and chives on top and bake on high for 15 minutes.  Yummy!

– New sheets on the bed and new towels in the bathroom.

– Washing my hair and giving my scalp a really good massage as I shampoo.

– Holding hands with Ross.

– Outings with my Mum.



-Sleeping kitties.  They’re so adorable!

DSCF8263-Also, awake kitties.  Ringo woke up while I was taking these photos, and this picture was too cute to leave out.

– Counting down to my birthday!

– Planning my costume for my birthday party.  I’ve asked all of my guests to come dressed as a character from their favourite book.  I’m really excited about my costume.  It’s going to be off the hook!


-Listening to this song when I’m feeling down.  It’s just so energetic and I love singing the bridge at the top of my voice.  Because nothin’s gonna knock this girl down.


What do you love this Thursday?


  1. LOve that song – and whole album. My son and I had a dance party in the kitchen the other day to that album. He specifically asks for ‘little lion, settle down’ (he’s two, so he doesn’t quite have the lyrics down, but he still sings along)
    So yeah, No Doubt dance parties in the kitchen with my little guy, that’s on my list of things I love 🙂

    I’m making a cake next week for my friends baby shower- so I’m praying it turns out well too! I use the icing like glue if ever a chunk comes off – one of the best tricks I’ve learned!

    • “Little lion, settle down”! That’s officially the cutest thing I’ve heard today. I’m going to think of that every time I listen to this song now.

      The thing is, I’m usually crazy good at making cakes. But this one just went completely wrong. Even the icing wasn’t enough to rescue it. Gah! Luckily my Dad saw the funny side.

  2. Awww. I *love* that story about your grandparents and your father, and those muffins look SCRUMPTIOUS!

    On another note… thanks for the excellent song recommendation. After what has undoubtedly been the SHITE-est past couple of days in my life (getting rushed to hospital in an ambulance! Having my appendix removed in an emergency operation! A BREAK-UP!), this definitely raised my spirits 🙂 A very happy weekend to you indeed, lovely.

    • Honey, I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been having such a rough time. That’s awful. I hope that things start to look up soon. I’m glad that I could do something to make you feel a tiny bit better.

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