Advertise with me in June.

So June is nearly here, and I can barely believe it.  We’re nearly half way through 2013 already!  June is going to be a huge month around here.  My birthday is in June, I’ve got a great Disney Villain makeup look to share with you as well as some great outfits and self-care posts.  It’s going to be massive.  So why not join in the fun and grab an ad space to promote your blog or small business?

At the moment, I have two ad sizes to choose from: small and large


Large Ad space (250 by 175): $16 per month or $36 for three months.  This includes prominent display at the top of my sidebar and a feature post.  I also regularly promote my blog sponsors on my twitter and facebook pages.


Small ad space (250 x 125):$6 per month or $13 for three months.  Small ads are displayed below the large ads.  Small ad sponsors will be regularly promoted on twitter and facebook.

To book your ad space, or to ask a question about advertising on this blog please fill out the form below.

Thanks so much for your support.  It really does mean the world to me.

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