Daily outfit 22/5/2013

Howdy-do to you, fair reader!  I am in such a brilliant mood today. I’d like to say that it’s because of some profound and noble reason, but in truth it’s mostly because I’ve got a brand new hat.

DSCF8239Truth be told, this isn’t really a brand new hat.  Rather, it’s a new-to-me hat.  It’s actually vintage.  I bought it from Bess Georgette at the Truly Vintage market a couple of weeks back and I love it.  I’ve worn it so many times and it makes me smile every time I squish it onto my noggin.

DSCF8233While it’s fun to wear vintage with vintage, I also like mixing my vintage pieces with more modern clothes to give them a more updated look.  Sometimes when I dress in head-to-toe vintage it can feel a bit like I’m wearing a costume.  So I like to mix and match to create a look that reflects my style.

DSCF8234I am wearing:

– Black cossack hat from Bess Georgette Vintage

– Black bodysuit from Remember me

– White lace top from Ladakh

– Brown flares from Living Doll

– Brown Zu platform shoes (thrifted)

– Silver bead necklace (used to belong to my auntie)

– Giant gold-tone bangle (used to belong to my auntie)

– Assorted silver rings


I only just realised that most of my jewellery today came from my aunties’ jewellery box.  I own loads of things that were either handmade by my aunt or else used to be part of her jewellery collection.  She had a very hippie/ rock chick aesthetic in her youth, and when she saw how similar my style was to her she kindly donated a massive bag of jewellery to me.  She’s also kind enough to give me gorgeous hand-made jewellery from time to time.  She loves beading, and I’m very grateful to be the test-dummy for most of her designs.

DSCF8236Do you have a relative that hands down clothes to you?


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