A photo an hour: May 2013

It’s been ages since my last Photo an Hour post, and I thought it was about time I did another. I really like doing these kinds of posts, but I don’t often have the chance to do them.  Most days I go to work, so there’s a few hours where I know I won’t be able to take any pictures.  But last Saturday I had the whole day to myself.  Ross was away visiting his uncle, and I had planned on a very productive day.

7 a.m

DSCF8153I wake up to some good morning cuddles from Ringo.  I get up and feed the cats, then make myself some eggs on toast.

8 a.m.

DSCF8163Time to get gorgeous!  I shower, dress and do my makeup.

9 a.m.

DSCF8165I walked to the library to pick up a movie I’d had on hold: The Iron Lady.  Before I watched this, my entire bank of knowledge about Margaret Thatcher had come from The Young Ones.  I popped this in the DVD player while I did the ironing.

10 a.m.

DSCF8167A stack of freshly-ironed handkerchiefs.  I finished the ironing and sat on the couch to watch the rest of my film.

11 a.m

DSCF8169Doing a little bit of journalling.  And by “a little bit” I mean 10 pages.  Apparently I had a lot of thoughts that morning.

12 p.m

DSCF8170Workout time!  I huff and puff my way through the New York Lean 25 workout, and I do a pretty good job.

1 p.m.

DSCF8173Cooking lunch.  I make stir-fried pumpkin, zucchini, spinach and tofu served on steamed rice.  I eat it in front of my computer screen while I catch up on my blogroll.

2 p.m.


Blogging, answering emails and planning out the next week’s blog posts.

3 p.m.

DSCF8178My glasses broke the day before, and I hadn’t been able to find my mini screwdriver to fix them.  While hunting for my blog notebook, I found it in my desk drawer, so I was able to mend my glasses.

4 p.m.

DSCF8179Afternoon tea is a freshly-baked veggie muffin and a white coffee with no sugar.  My resolution this month is to cut down on sugar.  I’ve found that making sure that I eat something delicious and sugar-free for afternoon tea really helps to kill my cravings.

5 p.m.

DSCF8182A backlit Jellylorum sitting on the windowsill  She loves to watch the sunset.

After this I didn’t take any photos, because the phone rang.  It was my friend Kath, and we chatted for a while and then I had to rush to get ready to meet my mum for church.  The rest of the evening included a chicken dinner, Ru Paul’s Drag race and Adventure Time pyjamas.

Do you like the photo an hour posts?  Would you like me to try to do them more often?


  1. I love photo an hour posts, it’s interesting peaking into the life of other people.
    Also, really randomly, your cats appeared in my dream the other week back, I forgot to mention it and now I can’t exactly remember what happened, but for a week I was just constantly dreaming of cats & yours turned up in one of them. A little bit weird, I know 😛

  2. I loveeee posts like these!!! I gotta do another one sometime. I normally wake up around 2-5 p.m. and fall asleep around 7 a.m. – 12 p.m., so I don’t often have a prime picture taking time. But every so often, like this morning, we have grocery shopping, or an appointment with a doctor, etc. I’m a total homebody, so outside of this and biking, or when we have a glorious road trip which doesn’t happen nearly enough with no car and no money, I’m pretty much cuddled up in our room! Also, your kitties are so precious!

    • I really like doing these posts, but I don’t get a chance to very often. I work 4 hours a day, five days a week and I can’t take photos at work. My weekends are usually full of blogging or lazing about, so I don’t feel like people would be interested to see pictures of those activities. It was just a stroke of luck that I had that one day off where I had lots to do, so I felt like I could actually create an interesting set of photos. I hope to do more in the future though.

      They are awfully cute, aren’t they? I’ll tell them you said that!

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