Truly Vintage Market at Hunter & Co Vintage.

On Saturday, I was lucky enough to attend the Truly Vintage vintage market day and Hunter & Co Vintage in Preston.  The event was organized by Trish of Trish Hunter Finds and Marianne of Esme and the Laneway.

I got up bright and early on Saturday, wrestled my hair into a set of victory rolls and jumped on the bus to Melbourne.  I was super excited about the prospect of snaffling some vintage bargains.  I was also hoping to meet some other awesome people who are as batty about vintage clothing as I am.


Upon arriving in the city, I leaped onto the 86 tram and began my journey to Preston.  It was very nostalgic for me, as the 86 was the tram I used to take to and from the city when I first moved to Melbourne.  It’s been a long time since I was a poor uni student clattering along the tracks to catch the train home!  After a rattly journey I made it to Hunter & Co Vintage, ready to shop, smile and snap pictures.


The shop is much bigger than I expected.  There are three rooms and and upstairs section to browse through.  I was overwhelmed by the beautiful items that were for sale.  There were so many things that I could have bought if I wasn’t travelling home on the train.  This typewriter, for example.  I’ve always wanted a red typewriter, and this one was gorgeous.

DSCF8206Plus, it was a Valentine, which was even sweeter.  If only I could have lugged her home on the train!


In addition to the vintage furniture, homewares and clothing that Hunter & Co ordinarily stocks, a number of fantastic vintage bloggers had brought along items to sell.  There were a stupendous number of dresses, bags and jewellery to choose from.  I adored this little dresser which was covered in purses and goodies.

DSCF8208I took advantage of the mirror on the dresser to snap a picture of my own outfit.  It was dark when I left home, so I couldn’t take a proper outfit photo, and this was the only opportunity I had for a snap all day.  I wore my new red coat with pinstripe pants and oxfords.  I added a red snood in my hair.  Underneath my coat I’m wearing my Empire Records tee shirt.  I had to bring my Hello Kitty bag (a gift from Violet) because it’s one of the only bags I own that’s big enough to fit my camera into.

DSCF8209A suitcase full of handbags!  I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

DSCF8210This kewpie-doll inspired mannequin had the raddest taste in hats and beads.

DSCF8211Whaddaya know?  Apparently Mad Men references are just inevitable at vintage events.  I was stoked to snap a picture of this Stirling Cooper dress label.

DSCF8213Not only was the shop filled with gorgeous vintage finds, but it was teeming with fashionable ladies all eager to have a chat and peddle their wares.  I met a bunch of fantastic vintage bloggers and shop owners.  It was so nice to chat to other people who are interested in vintage fashion and decor.  We didn’t just talk about vintage though!  I nattered about everything from train travel to interschool sports, from hat-hair to gift giving.  It was a great chance to catch up and socialise with some fantastic lasses.

DSCF8215I fell in love with this tea set.  It would certainly have come home with me if I hadn’t been relying on public transport to get home.

One of the most exciting parts of the day was meeting Marianne of Esme and the Laneway.  I’ve been following Marianne’s blog for years, but I’ve never had a chance to meet her in person.  She was absolutely lovely, and I was utterly mesmerised by her cotton-candy hair.

Other lovely ladies I met and chatted to include:

Trish of Trish Hunter Finds.  She was a total doll and let me pat her adorable pup Betty.  Everyone knows the way to win me over is to let me play with your pets!

Jess of Miss Fairchild’s Charm School: One of the cleverest ladies I’ve had the pleasure of chatting to in a very long time. She was wearing the most gorgeous hat too!

Teresa of Bess Georgette: So friendly and charming.  She made me feel very welcome and sold me a fantastic vintage hat (there will be pictures soon, I promise!)

Jacinta of Razzle Dazzle Rose Vintage: A perfectly coiffed lady with a fabulous selection of vintage underthings to sell.

Eszter of Kitty’s Drawings: Esz had set up a stall with samples of her work, a book full of patterns and a measuring tape.  She was taking orders for custom made vintage clothes at very reasonable prices.  If you want a vintage garment that fits you perfectly, she’s the lady to talk to.


I wanted these cushions for my living room.  So fun and sunny!


Big Ears egg cups!

DSCF8217Does anyone else remember these?  They were a set of transformers toys that came in McDonald’s Happy Meals about a hundred years ago.  I believe that Ross still has his, but the ones I had as a little girl are lost in the sands of time.

All in all, it was a brilliant day.  I came home with two Terry Pratchett books and a fabulous new hat.  I met loads of fantastic ladies and now I’ve got a stack of new blogs to follow.  Big thanks to Trish and Marianne for organizing such a great day.  I had a blast.



  1. Sounds like such fun, Ness!!! I would l-o-v-e if we had something like that here, though probably with either Boho/Geeky/Gothic/Lolita/Mori Girl/Western/New Age stuff. XD I have varied tastes, heh. Though really, I can’t imagine what an entire market of my favorite finds would be like, ahhhh.

    • It was loads of fun! I’m much like you with regards to my tastes. While I adore vintage fashion, I also love more bohemian/ punk rock/ rockabilly/ geeky styles. I’m very eclectic. It was great to have the chance to indulge my inner vintage fashionista though.

  2. I have that same big ears egg cup AND two of those McDonald’s toys! I have the French fries and the bigger burger. The egg cup is my dad’s from his childhood and we also have Noddy and a gollywog!

    • My boyfriend’s uncle also has a Big Ears egg cup that’s identical to these. I had no idea that they made them in other characters! I was so chuffed to see two of them side by side in that cabinet.

  3. YAY! I am so glad you had fun. I had such a great day and was sad to leave at 3pm to go get my kiddies. Thanks so much for your lovely words…I really did have a great time chatting to you and loved your victory rolls. Thanks for visiting my blog…and maybe we can catch up one day soon. Do you know about the vintage club Jacinta runs? We are all heading to the Love Vintage fair on Friday together. You should contact her if your interested. She has lots of fun vintage stuff planned!

    • I just love your blog! I’ve added it to my Bloglovin’. Thanks for letting me know about the fair. It’s tricky for me to get to the city, because I live so far away and I work all through the week, but I always try to get there as often as possible.

  4. Oh, I had those McDonald’s transformers! Probably don’t have them anymore, but I do have all the Bambi figures they gave out.

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