Daily outfit 13/5/2013

Howdy!  Today I’m experimenting with some indoor outfit photos.  I normally take my pictures outside, because the light in our house isn’t the best.  My indoor photos always turn out a bit too grainy for my liking.  But now that it’s getting cold, I need to find somewhere in the house that I can take pictures.  I can’t stand shivering away outside while I try to look gorgeous for outfit pictures.

On the weekend, I opened up our blinds in the lounge room, and it’s bought in a lot more natural light.  So today’s outfit pictures are brought to you from my living room.  Enjoy!

DSCF8193I love how slanty this photo is.  I originally thought that I’d take the photos in front of the book case, but I have to put the camera on a weird angle to be able to get my shoes into the shot.  This makes me feel a little seasick every time I look at this picture.

DSCF8195This spot is not as well lit, but I can get my whole body into frame.  I might have to try taking some pictures later in the day so that there’s more light in the room.  It’s a learning curve…

DSCF8196I am wearing:

– Black long-sleeved shirt from Cotton On

– Purple and green crocheted jumper (thrifted)

– Purple sarong (thrifted)

– Black motorcycle boots from Big W

– White beaded earrings (gift from my grandparents)

– Brown resin ring from The Violet Town Op Shop

– Silver ring (thrifted)

– Gold tone ring (found in the street)

– Amethyst ring (gift from Ross)

– Beetle ring (gift from my parents)

– Green bangle thrifted from The Violet Town Op Shop.

DSCF8200I don’t think I’ve blogged about this jumper before, even though I’ve had it for a while.  I saw it in Target at the end of last year, and while I liked it, I decided that I didn’t want to pay $30 for it.  A few weeks later, I came across the same jumper in my local Salvation Army store for $3.  I’m very happy with it.  I love the colours and the crochet weave.  The cropped sleeves made it ideal for wearing in the in-between weather before it started to get really chilly.  Now that winter is coming (just ask Ned Stark) I need to layer another top underneath. But I like the way it looks, so everyone wins.

DSCF8197The other thing I love about indoor outfit photos?  The fact that I can just crop out the piles of junk that are all over our living room and pretend that I’m a much better housekeeper than I am.

DSCF8202A little close-up to show off the colours in this jumper.

DSCF8203I have so much love for these boots.  So comfy and so warm.  If you don’t own a pair, I recommend you grab some.  They’re going to be a winter staple for me.

DSCF8204Loads of rings and chipped polish, as per usual.

Did you enjoy taking a peek at my living room?


  1. You just inspired me for new summer skirts! I was kind of stuck in a rut with my maxis. Also I see what you mean with the lighting, but pictures like this inside do feel very homely and cosy. 😀

    • I quite like the indoor photos, but I don’t like the way they go all grainy because of the light. My birthday is coming up, so I’m hoping to get some money to spend on some lights for indoor photos and videos.

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