Things I Love Thursday 9/5/2013

Happy Thursday to you!  Happy Thursday to you!  Happy Thursday dear blog-buddy!  Happy Thursday to you! *Throws confetti*.

It’s Things I Love Thursday and I have a lot to be thankful for this week.  This Thursday, I love:

– RuPaul’s Drag Race.  Ross got season 1 for me as a ‘cheer-you-up’ present after I lost my little doggy friend the other week.  It only took a single episode for me to get completely hooked.  I’ve been watching season 2 and it’s fantastic.  As you already know, I’m totally obsessed with makeup and costuming, so you can only imagine how fascinating drag is to me.  It’s amazing to watch these men transform themselves into gorgeous women.  Some of them are walking works of art.  In particular, I’m drawn to drag makeup and the artistry behind it.  It’s been a great show to watch to get my mind off my troubles.

– Jet-black nail polish

DSCF7128-Hanging out in my kigurumi.  It’s been getting very cold at night, and this baby is ideal for keeping warm. Plus, it’s fun to dance in.


– Waiting until May to turn the heater on.  Every year, I have a competition with myself to see how long I can wait before I turn the heater on for the first time.  I’m a bit of  a tight-arse when it comes to power bills, so I like to wait as long as possible to fire up the heater.  This year, we made it until May 1st, which is a new record.  Score!

– Listening to Come on Eileen by Save Ferris on full volume and dancing wildly.

– Making birthday plans.  I’ve decided on a theme for my birthday party this year, and I already know what I want to dress up as.  I’ve been very busy planning food and cocktails too.  I hope it will be a great night.

– Gathering ideas for piercings.  I really love piercings, but it’s been ten years since my last one.  I’d really like to get something pierced for my birthday, but I haven’t decided yet whether I want to go with a couple more holes in my ear or a nose piercing.  I’ve got a pinterest board with all my ideas that you can check out.  Let me know if you have any ideas!

– Hanging out with my mum.

– All the gorgeous people who sent beautiful messages to me after the death of my family dog, Ella.  It’s been a really rough time for my family, but it was so lovely to get all your messages of sympathy.  Thanks very much.

– Writing all morning.

– Gin and tonic in a fancy glass.

– Taking a ‘divide and conquer’  approach to household chores to get them done faster.  Last weekend, we had loads of chores to get done. so we made a list and divided the chores between Ross and I.  They were finished before we knew it and we had a whole evening to relax together.

What do you love this week?  Leave a comment with your own Things I Love Thursday list!


    • I’ve seen the owl ones and I love them. I bought my nana a kigurumi for her birthday, and I considered getting her the owl. I wound up getting the black cat instead, because they only had large sizes in the owl (and my nana is beyond tiny).

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