Product review: Bourjois blush pot

A few weeks ago, I ran out of my absolute favourite blush.  It was a perfect, pale pink and it was perfect for my complexion.  When I went looking for a replacement, I got a bit panicked.  Apparently, it’s really difficult to find a true pink blush.  Most of the ones on the market come in shades of brown and peach, with a few dusty pinks.  While I do like a nice dusty pink, I was looking for a clearer pink shade.  I had heard about Bourjois’ blush pots and I was delighted to see how many shades of pink they have available.    I picked up a pot in Rose Frisson to try out.

DSCF8101 DSCF8106

My first impression of the blush was that I adore the packaging.  The blush comes in a sturdy little pot with a magnetic clasp.  The pot is small enough to sit in the palm of my hand.  The package is nice and strong, so it’s great for travelling.  The pot also comes with a little brush, which is really too small to use for blush, but it’s cute nonetheless. It has a mirror inside the lid too, which I think is handy.

The blush itself smells amazing.  It’s rose scented and so pretty.  It reminds me of country gardens and talc-dusted beauty queens.  While the smell is quite strong in the pot, it fades quickly once it’s applied to the face.  For me this is a plus because I don’t like my makeup to have a strong scent.


The blush has a beautiful true pink colour.  It’s a very soft shade, which is perfect if you’ve got a fair complexion.  You can wear just a little bit for a natural-looking flush, or build the colour up to something a bit more dramatic.


The blush is baked, so it has a hard texture inside the packaging.  That’s brilliant, because it means it’s unlikely to break up or separate.  On the skin though, it’s a different story.  The powder is silky soft and goes on smoothly.  It’s easy to blend and gives a natural, pretty finish.  The colour doesn’t seem to fade throughout the day, so you won’t need to touch up.

DSCF8111I took this photo to show you how sweet it looks on the cheeks, but I was mortified when I saw how dirty my bathroom mirror was!

DSCF8120Here’s a better picture.  This blush is the perfect shade to make me look naturally flushed.  I am totally smitten with this product.

If you’re not a fan of pink blushes, Bourjois makes this blush in 12 shades for you to choose from.  The rainbow of shades includes browns, taupes, peaches and plums as well as gorgeous pinks.

I bought my Bourjois blush from ASOS for less than $9.  I think this product is truly excellent for this price point.  I’ve bought blushes that cost four times this amount which haven’t performed half as well.

I’d happily recommend Bourjois blush to my readers.  I’m keen to try out some of their other products now!

Have you tried Bourjois blush?  What did you think?


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