Daily outfit 29/4/2013

I’m experimenting with a bit of print-clashing today.  I bought this skirt and this shrug months ago, and I feel as though I just haven’t worn them often enough.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about the bolero at all.  I’m trying to work it into a couple of outfits before it gets too cold to wear it at all.


I am wearing:

– Black bodysuit from Supre

– Purple chevron skirt from Target

– Purple and pink floral shrug from Target

– Black Dr Martens boots

– Silver pocket watch from Rose and Mr Brown

– Brown resin ring (thrifted from the Violet Town op shop)

– Turquoise ring (gift from my mother)

– Amethyst ring

– Gold hoop earrings



This outfit feels very ‘me’.  I feel most comfortable in long skirts and tight tops.  When I was about thirteen, this type of outfit was almost my uniform.  Then I fell in love with blue jeans and those took over my wardrobe somewhat.


I wasn’t sure if these two prints would work together.  It was a bit of an experiment when I got dressed this morning.  But I really like the way it looks.  The purple flowers compliment the purple tones in the skirt, which I think pulls the outfit together.  When I’m clashing prints and colours in this way, I try to anchor the look by wearing lots of black.  It adds a bit of a barrier between the pieces, so they don’t look quite as garish.





It was really overcast when I took these photos, so I had to use the flash on a couple of them. I hate doing that, because sometimes the flash can distort colours and textures.  But these pictures didn’t look too bad, so I was happy.

Do you ever clash prints?  What’s your secret to pulling the look off right?


  1. Your hair is so long!!!! 🙂 I don’t really clash prints mainly because I tend to stick to bold colours of basic prints anyway!!!

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