Daily outfit: Thrift princess.

Today was just one of those days where everything comes together.  I’ve got a couple of new-to-me pieces in my wardrobe that I’ve been dying to wear, and this morning I thought “Why don’t I try styling them together?”  Not only did this thinking produce one of my favourite outfits in a long time, but it made me feel like a princess.  A thrift princess.



I am wearing:

– Yellow-stone bracelet (in hair) gift from Ross’s Mum.

– Grey velvet jacket from Tree of Life

– White slip dress, thrifted from Friperie

– Black vintage boots (thrifted)

– Silver fleur du lis ring from Diva

– Rose ring from Etsy

– Signet ring (gift from my grandfather)


Ross’s mother gave me this hinged bracelet at Easter.  As I have tiny bird wrists, it’s far too big for me to wear as a bracelet.  I was playing around with it and I had the idea to clamp it over my bun.  Ta-da!  Instant tiara!


I am so happy that I found another use for this bracelet.  It just goes to show that you don’t always have to wear things the way they’re supposed to be worn.



These boots are new too.  I spotted them in the op-shop a few weeks ago, and internally screamed when my eyes clamped onto them.  I’ve wanted a pair of boots exactly  like this for years.  As I walked towards them, I reminded myself that it was likely that they wouldn’t fit, or they’d be hideously uncomfortable or really expensive.  As soon as I tried them on, I knew the boots had been waiting for me.  They fit beautifully and they are divine to wear.  Best of all, they cost just $7.  I couldn’t be happier.


I’m going to be wearing these all the time in winter.  They’re really versatile too, because you can lace them up as high as you want.  They look great laced to the top, or half-done and with the tops folded over.  I plan on wearing them with some medieval-princess inspired garb, as well as some of my hippie looks and 90’s inspired outfits.  Don’t be too shocked if you see these boots in a lot of outfit posts over the next few months!


I hope you have an awesome day!

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