Things I Love Thursday 25/4/2013

Hello and welcome to another Things I Love Thursday.  Each week I make a list of all the things that I’ve loved throughout the week.  This helps to cheer me up when I’m in a funk or prolong a good mood.  If you’d like, you can join in by leaving your own list in the comments.

This week I love:



My poor little guy has been really sick.  We noticed that he was acting strangely last week, just being really sooky and clingy.  Then, one night he had an accident on the floor of my office.  I should point out that he’s been house-trained for years and he never does that.  Last Monday morning we woke up to find that he’d peed in several places in the house.  He started wandering around, squatting wherever he was and peeing a tiny bit every few minutes.  I was scared out of my wits.  We made an emergency vet appointment and the vet did loads of tests.  It turns out that Ringo has crystals in his bladder, which is similar to a human having kidney stones.  The vet doesn’t know what causes it, but it’s totally treatable.  Ringo now has a special new diet and he’s been a lot better.  I am so relieved.

– Wedding planning.  I’ve been taking my maid of honour duties very seriously and helping my bride-to-be-bestie to plan her wedding.  I’ve never given much thought to weddings before, and this has unlocked a whole new world for me.  I had no idea that there was so much involved!  As we’re still in the early planning stages, I can still play the “fantasy planning” game.  I probably won’t find things as fun when I’ve got a real-life budget to stick to.

-Cuddling under a giant blanket with Ross and watching Frasier and Game of Thrones by candlelight.

– Finding cute new belts at the op shop

– Oolong tea.

DSCF8058-Making a Bad Day List.  I was inspired by The Militant Baker to do this exercise.  It’s basically a list of all the things I can do when I’m having a bad day.  When you have depression, some days are harder than others, and it can be really helpful to have a list of positive and practical ways to pull yourself out of a slump.  I’ve written one of these lists before, but it was years ago when I was living in Melbourne, and many of the things on it no longer apply to me.  So I’ve updated it (with my deliciously slanty handwriting) and stuck it to my office wall so that I can refer to it as needed.

– Chunky bangles.

– Getting hugged by comic-book dudes.


-Jelly’s new habit of squishing herself in between the pillows on the guest bed on chilly mornings.

– Grace Coddington.  I’m reading her autobiography at the moment and it’s totally fascinating.

DSCF8062– My new stuffed Roz.  At Supanova, there was a massive stall filled with a variety of Disney plush toys.  I was on the brink of blowing my cash on a stuffed Marie (from the Aristocats) when I spotted Roz.  I’ve never seen a stuffed version of her, but she’s my favourite Monsters Inc character.  The plushie is hilarious too.


-I’m not sure yet where I want to keep her, but for now she’s sitting atop one of our many bookcases.


I’ve been impersonating her every time I walk into the lounge room.  Ross must be so sick of it by now!


What are you loving this week?  Have you been impersonating any creepy animated characters?  Have your pets developed any hilarious habits?  Let me know in the comments.


  1. I do something similar to your Bad Day List: every morning I write in a gratitude journal. I begin the day with five things I am grateful for. It helps me start out with a positive note, and I’ve started to really pay attention to the blessings in my life, instead of focusing on the things I want to change.

    • That’s an awesome idea. I write my weekly Things I Love Thursday post, which I find is really helpful. I also have a journal in which I write regular gratitude lists.

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