11 Questions

Last week, Nina from Le Fancy Geek tagged me in her 11 Questions post.  She asked me to answer 11 random questions about myself.  Her questions were so hilarious that I couldn’t wait to answer them.  I thought it would be more interesting for you if I recorded my answers in a video, rather than just typing them out.  Plus, the video has a special guest appearance by Ringo!


Le Fancy Geek is one of my current favourite blogs.  Nina writes about all kinds of things including geek-inspired fashion, Disney and Dr Who.  She also has an adorable little pup named Rory that you won’t be able to resist falling in love with.  Jump on over and pay her a visit!


  1. do you guys use the word lolly for the word sweets? Im confused a lolly to me is a lollypop so a sweet on a stick?
    Great little video 😉 xx

    • Yeah, in Australia, “Lolly” is used interchangeably with ‘sweets’ and ‘candy’. But we still call sweets on sticks lollypops. (although sometimes we call them Chupa-Chups, because that’s a brand of lollypops here. Like the way that some Americans will call a tissue a “Kleenex” or a vacuum cleaner a “Hoover”).

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