Things I Love Thursday 18/4/2013

Welcome to another edition of Things I love Thursday.  Every week I list all the things that I’m feeling happy about this week, and I encourage you to do the same.

This week, I love:

DSCF6963– Celebrating the engagement of two of my closest friends.  Kath is Ross’s sister, and she and I are pretty close.  Last week, Ross and I got a very giddy phone call from Kath to tell us that Evan had proposed to her and that they were getting married.  Wait a moment, surely I must have a better picture of them than this one…


Ahh, that’s more romantic.

Not only are this gorgeous couple tying the knot, but Katherine has asked me to be her maid of honour.  I must admit, a tear was shed when she asked me.  I am so touched to be asked to be a part of their special day, and I am really looking forward to helping out with the wedding preparations.

– Popcorn.  I went to a party last weekend where they had a popcorn bar.  The host kept bringing out vats of freshly popped corn, which you popped into a little bag and then chose from about thirty different flavours to sprinkle over your snack.  It was amazing.  My favourite was the vanilla dream.  Mmmmm.

DSCF8008-Catching Jellylorum cat-napping on my dressing gown after I got out of the shower one morning this week.

– Movie dates with my parents.

-Listening to Amy Winehouse at top volume.

DSCF8007-Purple nail polish.  This one is Let’s Talk from Sinful colours, and it’s such a gorgeous shade.  It tiptoes along the line between purple and blue, and I adore it.  Sorry about the chips.


-Finding a pair of fab biker boots for under $50.  I’ve been after some pull-on, flat boots for a while now, and I found these at Big W.  They are super comfy and really warm.  I think you’ll be seeing a lot of these boots in the near future.

– Having my mother sneak into my kitchen to do my dishes while I was getting changed for a mother-daughter outing.  I hate doing the dishes, and she knows this, so it was really sweet of her to jump in and help out with that.

– Lord of the Fries.  When we were in Melbourne on the weekend, I had Lord of the Fries for the first time in over a year.  Man, I’d forgotten how great their French Canadian fries are.  The only problem is, now my fries cravings are stronger than ever!

DSCF8011-Ross surprising me with a new Hogwarts mug, to replace the one I broke.  This one is slightly bigger than my old one, which is great because it holds more tea.

– New Dr Who.

– Getting my first ever ASOS order in the mail.

– Emails with old friends.

– Anticipation for seeing my cousins this weekend.

What do you love this week?  Don’t hesitate, just leave your own Things I Love Thursday list in the comments!


  1. 1 – Congrats to Kath and Evan, and of course you for being maid of honour! YAY!
    2 – I found a very similar situation of Frodo & Tonka curled up together on my dirty clothes when I had a bath the other week, it can be so adorable finding animals napping in unexpected places.
    3 – Those boots are AWESOME! I picked up a pair on sale at Betts recently, and they’ve dropped down in price even more that I kind of want to buy another pair… of the same boots. You know, in case something happen to these ones. Heh.
    5 – Whatcha get from ASOS!? That site is my downfall and I usually place AT LEAST one order a fortnight. Eep.
    6 – Things I love – You and your blog! ❤

    • 1. I’m so freakin’ excited about this wedding. Every time Kath suggests something, I’m like “I’m on it!” I’m going to be the best maid of honour ever (in exchange for her throwing the bouquet directly to me!)
      2. Thumbs up for animal naps! So cute…
      3. I’ve actually done that before. I have a pair of Zu wedges that are just perfect, so when I found another pair identical to the ones I already had at the op-shop I snapped them up pronto.
      4. Yeah, Dr Who rocks.
      5. I got some makeup from ASOS. I’ve been hanging out to try the Barry M cosmetic line, and it’s available on ASOS. I got an eyeshadow and a felt-tip liner pen. I also got the most gorgeous blush ever. I’ll probably review it soon.
      6. Thanks muchly! I’m sending big, digital kisses your way!

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