Daily outfit 17/4/2013

Some days, I have an idea for a person or style that I want to emulate with my outfit.  I’ll subtly work elements of that inspiration into my ensemble for the day.  Sometimes, the influence of an idea, icon or image on my outfit is subtle.


And sometimes it’s more obvious.


Today is one of those days.




After reading Cyndi Lauper’s autobiography, and listening to She’s So Unusual about seventy times, it was inevitable that Cyndi’s influence would start to creep into my wardrobe.




I love the lace dress and pointy heels that she wears on the cover of She’s So Unusual, and I wanted to try to emulate that look. I added a heavy chain belt as well, so mirror the belt Cyndi wears in the Girls Just Want to Have Fun video.




I am wearing:

-Black lace dress from 7 Angels

– Stiletto print tights (gift from Ross’s mother)

– Silver glitter heels from I Love Billy

– Crystal earrings (gift from my aunt)

– Silver bird belt (vintage, belonged to my friend’s grandmother)

– Faux diamond cuff from Diva

– White plastic bangle (thrifted)

– Amethyst ring

– Indian ring

– Turquoise ring





I really wanted to make a GIF of me doing the Girls Just Want to Have Fun dance, but it just wasn’t in the cards, I’m afraid.






This was a super-fun outfit to wear.




Do you prefer to work fashion inspiration into your look in a subtle way, or are you more obvious with your style copy-catting?


Please leave a comment.

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