How to wear gloves

On my side of the world, the weather is starting to get mighty nippy.  And the first place that I start to notice the chilly air is on the tips of my fingers.  Not to worry though, because that’s where a gorgeous pair of gloves comes in handy.

Gloves are a magnificent accessory.  They’re not only brilliant at keeping your digits toasty, but they hide chipped nail polish and protect your hands from the elements.  In spite of their awesomeness, some of you are still unsure how to wear them.  I’ve had a couple of inquiries about my suggestions for styling gloves.  I’ve got a couple of ideas to get you started.

Fingerless gloves are excellent for when the weather is just starting to get nippy.  They’re easy to wear and they leave your fingers free for typing, playing video games or turning pages.  Pair your fingerless gloves with a pair of jeans, a cozy jumper and a pair of boots for an effortless (but toasty) weekend look.

Long gloves are ideal for a night out.  They’re perfect for getting extra mileage out of your short-sleeved tops and dresses, because they’ll keep your arms covered.   For a sophisticated look, choose a pair with a very fine knit, and pair them with rich jewel tones and wide-legged pants. If it gets really cold, you can throw a glamorous coat over the top to keep you really cosy.

Donning a pair of gloves is one of the quickest ways to add a touch of vintage style to your outfit.  Select a pair in a soft, pastel colour and look for ladylike details such as bows, ribbing and embroidery.  Mix and match with your favourite modern items for a look that spans the eras.  For bonus points, match your gloves to your shoes and hat.  Pretty!

Many women don’t like wearing gloves because they feel restricted by them.  It’s true that sometimes you’ll find yourself fumbling for your keys or struggling to turn doorknobs while wearing gloves.  To solve this problem, select a pair of leather or pleather gloves.  They’ve got plenty of grip and they’re toasty warm to boot.  Celebrate your new-found control with an outfit that oozes sexiness.  A pencil skirt, cinched waist and sky-high heels look criminally gorgeous when paired with a pair of take-charge leather gloves.

Lace gloves add a touch of fairytale wonder to bohemian-style wardrobes. They look pretty and they’re surprisingly warm.  Just be sure to keep them away from sharp jewellery which may snag them.  Pair your lace gloves with a pretty, gothic-inspired dress.  Finish the look with a blazer and boots in earthy tones and you’re all ready for a jaunt to Grandma’s house.
Are you a fan of gloves?  How do you wear yours?


  1. I love the necklaces! I generally have really rugged looking cheapy gloves; joys of being mummy! I can never seem to keep them paired and together so I never spend the extra money on getting nice ones. Still wearing mine when I’m out and about despite it being the end of spring/summer here in the UK!

    • I’ve pulled out a couple of fingerless pairs, but so far I haven’t needed my gloves this year. I think I’ll be singing a different tune in a couple of weeks though!

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