Daily outfit 9/4/2013

What the what?  It’s April already?  Seriously 2013, I don’t know if you’ve got some kind of bet going with 2014, where you try to race to December before she’s even got her shit together, but you need to just slow the eff down.  Seriously.

Phew!  Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, here’s a look at my outfit for today:




I am wearing:

– Black turban (vintage)

– Black bamboo thermal shirt from Target

– Black beaded dress from Living Doll

– Pucci print cape from The Mill Markets

– Berry tights from Cotton On

– Black and gold platform shoes from Novo

– Beetle ring (gift from my parents).


I bought myself a couple of bamboo thermal tops from Target the other day on the recommendation of a friend.  I decided to layer one over my dress today for a bit of extra warmth.  Holy Star Wars are they fantastic!  They’re warm as toast, lightweight and super soft.  Plus, they sit really snugly against the skin, so they’re perfect for layering.  I only bought two- a black one and a white one, but I’m seriously considering getting more.



I’m all about layering at the moment.  It’s not really super-cold here yet, but the chill is getting chillier with every passing day.  Hats, tights and capes are all coming to my rescue to keep me warm and cosy, while still allowing me to look stylish.


    • Thanks very much. I love this cape too. It was one of those items that I was kind of lukewarm about when I bought it, but over time it’s become one of my wardrobe favourites. Best of all, you can wrap it around yourself, pin it in the back and wear it as a dress. So versatile!

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