Daily outfit 29/3/2013

Today’s outfit is a fairly simple one.  I wore this to have a meeting at the church to confirm the details of my baptism next week, and then I popped over to visit my nana.

DSCF7891I am wearing:

– Black satin dress from Target

– Cream lace bolero from Supre

– Tony Bianco cream heels (thrifted)

– Diamente earrings (gift from Ross’s grandmother)

– Amethyst ring

DSCF7892I usually wear this black dress with other dark-coloured items.  Occasionally I will dress it up with a pop of red.  For a change, I decided to add some neutral accessories to give it a more feminine feel.  I was actually really pleased with the way this worked out.



I kept my hair and makeup natural and simple.  When I did my bun this morning, I decided to part my hair to the opposite side to what I’d normally do.  Let me tell you, it’s thrown me off all day.  Every time I go to smooth my hair, I’ve done it in the wrong direction and accidentally roughed it up even worse.  It’s so funny how the tiniest change can leave you feeling off kilter.


So today was all about taking small risks and making little changes.  Some paid off and some resulted in mild inconvenience.  Oh well.  I suppose that if the worst I can complain of is a ‘mild inconvenience’, then I’m really not doing too badly at all.


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