Things I love Thursday 21/3/2013

It’s Thursday again!  That means it’s time for me to rattle off a list of all the things I’m loving this week.  Sit tight, because I’m in a darn good mood today.

This week, I love:

– My Mum.  She’s one of the most important people in my life and I am so inspired by her.  She’s a very selfless person, who always has time to help out anyone that she thinks needs a hand.  In addition to that, she has a wicked sense of humour and one of the most heart-warming laughs I’ve ever heard.  It’s her birthday this week, and I’m looking forward to helping her to celebrate.

– Hot, buttery toast with raspberry jam.

– Mad Men.  I’ve been on a total Mad Men bender this week.  I started watching it three years ago, and I’m still only on season 3, despite owning every season on DVD.  I go through periods when I will hungrily watch three episodes a night, and then I won’t watch it again for six months.  That’s why it’s taken me so long to get this far.  I do adore it though: the costumes, the drama, the “You’d never get away with that now” factor.

– Oz: the Great and Powerful.  You know when you’ve been waiting to see a film for ages and when you finally do watch it, you’ve built it up too much and it doesn’t live up to your expectations?  Well this wasn’t like that at all.  I loved it.  Completely.

– Going to the library and finding four books that I can’t wait to read on the shelves.  Now I just have to decide which one to begin first…

DSCF7868-Wearing jewels in my hair.  It makes me feel like a fairy.

– Having a day of work and doing absolutely eff all.  I needed to recharge my batteries.

– Lace

– Cutting down on takeaway food.  Over the past few months, my takeaway consumption has gotten out of control.  Most of the time, it wasn’t even because I was craving takeaway, I just felt lazy.  Cooking a meal just seemed like way too much effort, so we’d grab a takeaway.  It was getting expensive and I felt bad because I was wasting perfectly good food that was sitting in the cupboard going bad.  We haven’t ordered takeaway for two whole weeks.  Instead, I’ve really been pushing myself to cook more, and to try to eat a bit more healthily.  I feel so much more energetic and a lot less bloated.  Also, we’ve saved a tonne of money and I’ve been trying new recipes.  So it’s good all around.

– Sitting outside with a great book.

– Cool baths on hot days.

What about you, gorgeous?  What do you love this week?


  1. This week I am loving having fresh daffodils in my bedroom, vanilla iced lattes & my new Ray Ban wayfarers! Loving the jewels in your hair, so cute!

  2. This post made me smile, thank you 🙂 (I’m also working very slowly through mad men!! I’m still not sure if I can get past the misogyny but I keep going back for more!)

    • I know what you mean. There have been a few moments where I’m watching MM and I think to myself, “y’know, I’ve really got a problem with that”, but I keep on watching. I think the fact that it’s somewhat tongue-in-cheek makes me feel O.K about it.

      And thanks for visiting! It’s always great to hear from new commenters.

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