Updating your wardrobe for Autumn

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Here in Australia, the seasons are switching.  The air has a distinct chill and the days are getting crisper.  After months of sweltering in breezy fabrics and brief shorts, you’re probably ready to slip into something a little warmer.  It’s definitely time for a wardrobe update.  But what to buy to take your closet from summery-chic to autumn-ready?  Never fear, because I’ve teamed up with ASOS to spark your imagination and get you ready to shop for your fall wardrobe.

Socks and Tights

Funky legwear is a staple of my cool-weather wardrobe.  A cute pair of stockings or some chunky socks are the perfect way to keep your pins warm without spending too much.  Tights and socks allow you to get more wear out of your summer clothes too. Just slip them on under your flippy summer dresses or skirts and you’re ready to face the chill.


Happy socks over the knee block socks from ASOS

image1xxl (1)

Gipsy 40 Denier Pastel Tights from ASOS

image1xxl (2)Walford Splash Tights from ASOS

Cute jumpers

I’m a sucker for sweet knits.  When the weather starts to cool down, it’s the perfect time to stock up on gorgeous knitted jumpers and cardigans.  Throw them on over your funky tees or dresses for a seasonal update.

image1xxl (3)A Wear Heart Fair Isle Jumper from ASOS

image1xxl (4)Tripp NYC Ragged Striped Jumper from ASOS

image1xxl (5)

Boutique by Jaeger Bretton Knitted Jumper with Reverse Stripe from ASOS


It’s not quite time to start hunting for a heavy winter coat, but as the weather begins to get chilly you’ll need a lightweight jacket to top off your look.  This autumn, I’m feeling inspired by 60’s shapes, bold stripes and gorgeous embellishments.

image1xxl (6)

ASOS Jacket with Floral Embroidery

image1xxl (7)ASOS Button Front Sculpted Coat

image1xxl (8)River Island Stripe Long Line Blazer from ASOS


Scarves are one of the cheapest and easiest ways to update your wardrobe for autumn.  They’re practical, versatile and available in a myriad of different styles.  You can wrap them around your neck, tie them around your waist or shove them in your bag in case of a sudden cool change.  I like long, printed scarves to add a pop of colour to plain outfits.

image1xxl (9)Warehouse Bright Pansy Print Scarf from ASOS

image1xxl (10)ASOS Geometric Scarf


When the days start to turn wet and the ground gets muddy, you’re going to want an awesome pair of boots to keep your toes warm and dry.  Throw them on with jeans, skirts or shorts and you’re all set.  I like chunky, punky boots for day and something more refined for evening.

image1xxl (11)Dr Martens Parade Refined Clemency Red Heeled 8-eye Boots from ASOS

image1xxl (12)New Rock Dark Metal Platform Lace Up Ankle Boots from ASOS

image1xxl (13)Ganni Nancy Black Lace Up Heeled Ankle Boots from ASOS


Hats are your best friend in autumn.  Not only will they keep your ears warm, they’re ideal for hiding windswept hair-dos.  The right hat can take a simple outfit from pretty to pretty outstanding.  Choose hats that fit close to your head, to minimise the chance of it blowing off in a sudden gust of wind.

image1xxl (14)Alice Hannah Angora & Lambswool Blend Stripe Beret with Rosette from ASOS

image1xxl (15)ASOS Faux Fur Cossack Hat

So you see, with a few small tweaks and a couple of clever purchases, you can get your wardrobe ready for the cooler months in no time.

How do you get your wardrobe ready for autumn?


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