Disney Villains makeup series: Jafar from Aladdin

Today I’m launching a brand-new blog series.  Hooray!  *Throws confetti*.

As you probably know by now, I am a huge Disney nut.  I’ve been wanting to do a Disney-centred series for a while now, but I couldn’t settle on a single idea.  But the other night, I had a lightening-bolt moment.  “Self”, I thought, “You should design a series of makeup looks inspired by the different Disney villains”.

And so, that’s what I’m doing.

I’m going to make this a monthly series.  Each month will feature a different Disney villain.  I will design a makeup look inspired by that villain and then make a video tutorial to show you how I did the look.  I am so excited about this, so let’s get right into it.

For my first video, I’m going to do a look inspired by Jafar from Aladdin.  I’ve chosen Jafar first because Aladdin is my favourite Disney film.  And Jafar is a terrific villain.  He’s just so evil, so dastardly and so twisted.  I couldn’t wait to create a Jafar makeup look.

To start with, I knew that I wanted the basis of this look to be a dark, angular eyeliner.  Jafar’s face is full of sharp angles and dark lines, so I wanted the eyeliner to mirror that.  I chose to do the large double-flick because I felt that it had a slightly serpentine look, which was perfect for Jafar.  After all, he carries a cobra-shaped cane and eventually turns into a cobra in one scene.

I filled in the spaces in the liner with shades of gold and copper, to represent the colours in Jafar’s robes.  The burnt red lipstick was also chosen for this reason.


I left the cheeks pretty bare, because I wanted the eyes to take centre stage.  I just popped on a tiny bit of bronzer to add a slight contour to the cheeks.  I also defined my brows ever so slightly.


I love the way that this eyeliner looks completely different from the side than it does from the front.  It’s just like Jafar himself, he can look good at one glance and pure evil at another.


As promised, I’ve also done a video to show you how I created this look.


I hope you enjoyed this look.  I’m so excited to start working on next month’s installment.  If you’ve got a favourite Disney villain that you’d like to see my take on, please feel encouraged to get in touch with me.


    • I’ve had quite a few people voice their love of Maleficant, so I think she’ll be next. ( I was planning on doing Cruella DeVil next, but Maleficant is so popular that I think she’ll have to wait).

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