Things I Love Thursday 7/3/2013

Hip, hip hooray!  Thursday is here again, which means that it’s time to think of all the things I love this week.  It’s been a massive seven days, and I have to admit that I’m feeling a wee bit knacked.  I’ve been on the brink of being totally overwhelmed a couple of times this week, and I think that a good dose of reflection and gratitude will have been feeling bright and bouncy again.

This week, I love:

DSCF7741– Capturing this photo of Jelly watching The Lion King 2.  I wasn’t such a fan of the movie, but apparently Jelly thought it was great.  (Excuse my messy loungeroom)

– Surprise visits.  I got a message during the week from one of my best friends, that read, “What are you up to right now?”  When I replied “Not much” she sent back, ” Good, because I’m outside your house!”  She was mid-road trip and decided to stop in for a breather.  I was so excited!  She’s never seen our house before so I gave her the grand tour.  We chatted for an hour before she had to hit the road again.  It was so lovely to see her and even lovelier for it to be a surprise.

– My duck-egg blue teapot, filled with oolong tea, perched on my desk.

– Rain.  At last!

-Reading aloud.  Ross and I have gotten a bit sick of television of late, so for a change we’ve been reading a book together.  We grabbed a copy of Terry Pratchett’s Maskerade from the library, and we’re taking it in turns to read aloud.  It’s been loads of fun (particularly because Ross does all the voices while he’s reading).  In many ways, it’s nicer than just vegging out on the couch together.

– Jay and Silent Bob Get Old.  We’ve been watching this on DVD (in between chapters of the book) and it’s awesome.  It’s very rude and crude, but I like that kind of thing.  I particularly enjoyed the story about how Jason Mewes stuffed up thousands of dollars of dental work with one very vigorous oral sex session.  Ooh-er!

– Planning new blog series.  I had a brilliant idea for a makeup tutorial series, and the first installment should be up next week.  I am so flippin’ excited about it!

– This video, which Ross showed me during the week.  So beautiful and yet so sad.

– Gorgeous letters from amazing friends.

– Cleaning out my blogroll, and getting rid of all the sites that don’t make me excited when I see they’ve published something new.

– Anticipation for Oz The Great and Powerful.

And finally, this video, which I think I should adopt as my personal theme tune:


I hope you had a fab week.  What do you love this Thursday!

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