Daily outfit 4/3/2013

Well, Summer is well and truly finished.  There are still a few wafts of warm air and rays of sunshine lingering though.  I’m using this as an opportunity to have one last fling with my summer wardrobe.


DSCF7768I am wearing:

– Pale blue floral shrug (vintage)

– Black playsuit from Big W.

– Blue and green Pierre Fontaine heels (thrifted)

– Beetle ring (gift from my parents)

– Amethyst ring

– Signet ring

– Gold circlet ring

– Beaded earrings (handmade by one of my friends)



I am in love with this shrug.  I bought it years ago, and it never fails to put a smile on my face.  I just love the washed-out colour and the gorgeous Japanese-style floral print.

DSCF7772It’s the perfect way to add a little touch of elegance to an otherwise casual outfit.



DSCF7776Piles of rings are a must for me!


DSCF7775These shoes are one of my most successful thrifting finds.  I had an old pair in pink, which I had worn to death.  One day I found a pair identical to my pink pair, as well as this blue pair, in my size at the op shop for just $10 each.  I was over the moon.


I wore this outfit to work on my blog, do a little tidying at home and then attend a council meeting to cheer Ross on.  He’s kicking butt at the moment!

I also did a bit of a dig through my archives, and found this outfit which I wore on this day two years ago and this outfit from exactly three years ago.   I love the way that my blog is kind of like a personal style time capsule.  I love looking back at my outfits from the past.

Do you ever look back over your old fashion choices?  Does it make you cheer or cringe?


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