Things I love Thursday 21/2/2013

Happy Thursday everybody!  Have you had a good week so far?  I certainly hope so.  If not, don’t despair.  Things I love Thursday is sure to put a smile back on your dial!

This Thursday, I love:

– The Sims Medieval.  Ross bought it for me as a surprise Valentine’s Day present and it’s really fun.  I’m enjoying building my own kingdom and watching it grow.

-Iced coffee with a drizzle of chocolate syrup on top.

-Finishing a bunch of crochet projects:


I love the colour of this beret.  It’s so bright and fun.


It’s currently for sale in my etsy store for just $12.  Click the pictures to visit my store.

DSCF7703I also finished this scarf, which I call my “Twister Scarf” because it’s all the colours of a Twister Board.  It’s one of my favourite things that I’ve made.  It’s also for sale.  If you click the picture, it will take you to my store.

I’m actually taking a break from my etsy store for a while.  The store will still be open and it will be business as usual.  However, I’ve got a lot of big crochet commissions and projects to work on, so I won’t be making any new items for my store for at least another month.  I just need to take a break, because I don’t have time to finish all the things I’ve promised people and continually churn out new stock for the store.  As I said though, my store will still be open if you want to do a bit of shopping.

– My brother.  It’s his birthday this weekend, and I’m so excited.  I’ve bought him some really great presents, and it’s going to be great to finally give them to him.

– Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd.

-Liz Lemon.  This clip in particular makes me smile because it’s so something I would say.  I’m not terribly cultured or classy.


-Frasier.  I know I’m about a decade (or more) behind the rest of the world on this one, but that show is flipping hilarious!  Ross and I started watching through it last week, and it’s ace.


– Thunderstorms.


– Floppy, comfy pyjama pants.


– Having the house to myself.  Ross went away to visit his cousins for three days last week.  I missed him like crazy, but it was nice to have my own space.  I spent the time cleaning (and relishing the way the house stayed clean), writing and watching Sex and the City and guilty pleasure movies.  Oh, and singing along loudly to the Cabaret soundtrack.  I’m a class act.


DSCF7709– My favourite high heels.  Black and white stripes with sparkling embellishments?  Yes please!


– Smooching in the dark.


And now, it’s over to you!
What do you love this Thursday?



  1. Love that beret! This week I love that my birthday is tomorrow, that work has been awesome, and my friends are wayyyyyy to nice. And I’m loving hot chocolates! X

    • Happy birthday! There are so many birthdays this week. Yours is tomorrow, my friend John’s birthday is the next day, my brother’s is the next day and then my little cousin Abbey turns one the day after that. So many birthdays!

      I hope you have an awesome day tomorrow!

    • Ticking things off your to-do list is a brilliant thing. In fact, it’s one of my favourite things.
      Thanks for nominating me. I’ll do the questions in a post next week, I promise.

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