Things I Love Thursday 14/2/2013

Happy Valentines Day!  I hope that your day has been great so far.  In case nobody has told you so far today, I love you.  No really, I do.  I am so grateful and appreciative to each and every one of my readers.  Without you guys, my blog would be a lot less awesome.  So truly, I love each and every one of you.  Happy Valentines Day.

Do you know what else I love?:

– Ross.  Obviously.  He is the mac to my cheese, the Silent Bob to my Jay.  I am so lucky to have such a brilliant boyfriend.  I am so proud of the way that Ross always stands up for the things that are important to him, even if doing so isn’t easy.  He’s also hilariously funny and so smart that he puts me to shame at times.  Oh, and he has awesome sideburns.  In short, I love him.

– Randomly falling asleep after a long weekend drive

– Frangipani incense.

DSCF7622-Jelly’s new-found love for the remote control.  I took these pictures a few nights ago, when she decided to snuggle up to the remote.  It was adorable.

DSCF7623She likes trying to press the buttons.



– Being able to walk again.  My ankle is so much better.  I got my x-ray results back and it turns out that I had just strained my ankle.  Phew.  Now it’s feeling completely better and I can walk about with no pain.  I’m so relieved.  I was starting to get the most wicked case of cabin fever.  Because I don’t drive, my sore ankle had left me house-bound.  It wasn’t exactly a giggle-fest.

– Buying a huge stash of yarn.  I promised my mother that I’d make her a bobble blanket for her birthday.  Also, my grandmother asked if I could make her a bed-jacket.  So I had to get masses of yarn so that I could start these projects.  I love having new crochet projects to work on.

DSCF7650-Fishtail braids


– Gorgeous emails from blog readers.

– Marie Antoinette.  I’m reading a book called Queen of Fashion: What Marie Antoinette Wore to the Revolution.  It’s fascinating.  I am learning so much about her life and the influence that she had on fashion.  Did you know that she learned to ride astride like a man, so that she could accompany her husband when he went riding, and she had a man’s riding costume made up for her to wear on such occasions?  I didn’t, and apparently it caused quite the stir.  Also, she sometimes wore a hairpiece that was so tall that she had to kneel in order to ride in her carriage.  Interesting stuff.

– Bright green manicures

– Pork stir-fry with garlic soy sauce.  I made this a few nights ago, and it was incredible.

– 30 Rock.

– Successful op-shop trips.  I went shopping a few days ago and bought loads of new things.  I got two jumpers and a vest for myself, as well as a cape and a jacket for my mother.  And all for $23.  Brilliant.  The only problem is that it’s currently way too hot to wear any of the things that I bought.


-Super-alert Ringo!

– Couch-cuddles with Ross.

– This video.  I know that I’ve shared this once before on my blog, but I love it so much that it deserves another shout-out.  I could watch this a million times (and I’ve probably come close!)

What are you loving this Valentines Day?  Leave a comment with your own Things I Love Thursday list and share the love!



  1. Ooh, ooh, ooh! Is that a cami-top I spy you wearing? I love it!!!!! Jelly looks like she’s watching Jerry Springer in the last shot “no wait, I just have to find out if the sisters are gonna have a bitch-fight over that tom, K?” I’ve never had a sprained ankle but damn, a strained ankle is flippin’ painful! I hope it gets better soon love:) Desiree xo

    • Thankyou! My ankle is so much better now. So good in fact that I wore heels out to dinner last night.
      The cami top is super cute! I’m going to feature it in an outfit post soon. My mother bought it for herself, but it was a touch too small for her. It’s too big for me, but I don’t care because it’s so comfy and cool for summer.

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