Gwen Stefani 90’s makeup tutorial

Today I’m doing a collaboration with Anouchka from Life of Bun.  When she and I were brainstorming ideas for our collaboration, she suggested that we do a 90’s themed makeup tutorial.  I was immediately excited by this idea, because there are so many fun looks from the 90’s to play with.  I took a while to settle on a single look.

When I thought about my personal style icons from the 90’s, three women come to mind: Lene from Aqua, Drew Barrymore and Gwen Stefani.  For me though, Gwen Stefani had the biggest influence on my style at the time.  In fact, I would still consider her to be one of my style inspirations today.

I don’t remember when I first fell in love with Gwen’s style.  I remember reading an interview with her in Smash Hits when I was eleven, and being completely blown away by her midriff tops and red lips.  Gwen’s style in the 90’s was a perfect combination of modern rock-grunge gear, other-worldly accents and 1940’s glamour.  I loved her ability to mix and meld all the different aspects of fashion that she loved and marry them into a look that was totally her own.

I have to admit that my inner 11-year-old loved putting together this look.

DSCF7678Sappy, pathetic little me.  That was the girl I used to be.  You had me on my knees.

DSCF7681I’d trade you places any day.  I never thought you could be that way.

DSCF7690You came in with the breeze on Sunday morning.  You sure have changed since yesterday without any warning.

DSCF7666I though I knew you, I thought I knew you well.  So well.

DSCF7671You’re trying my shoes on for a change.  They look so good but fit so strange.  Out of fashion so I can’t complain.


I know who I am but who are you?  You’re not looking like you used to. You’re on the other side of the mirror, where nothing’s looking quite as clear.

DSCF7673Thankyou for turning on the lights.  Thankyou, now you’re the parasite.

DSCF7665I didn’t think you had it in you, but now you’re looking like I used to!

Here’s the video tutorial to show you how I recreated Gwen’s 90’s look.

Don’t forget to head over to Life of Bun to check out Anouchka’s post.  It’s super-cute and right up my geeky alley!


    • Thank you! I *had* to do at least one ‘Girl Power” inspired picture. I also had a series of the obligatory “90’s girl icon sitting sprawled on a chair” photos, but none of them looked quite right, so I didn’t use them.

      • Ah sad that those didn’t work out, I love the ones you chose though. It’s great that you have such big pictures on your blog!!! I don’t have the space :/ currently on the hunt for another theme.
        (I posted tooo ^_^)

    • Me too! I remember being completely blown away when Return of Saturn came out and the Ex-Girlfriend video where she had that gorgeous pink bob. Amazeballs.

  1. Yes! Love it! I am such a huge No Doubt fan! Gwen Stefani is my all time girl crush, if I had to pick one :p
    I love the concealer trick for red lipstick. I just learned that recently from <- she's another great makeup tutorial blogger, and has amazing application tips. I think you'd really like her site, if you haven't seen it yet.
    Anways, great job. Super kawaii. 🙂

    • I’m in awe of her style evolution. She’s always managed to keep it fresh and modern, with a quirky twist. I’m hoping to do some more Gwen looks soon, so stay tuned!

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