Daily outfit 12/2/2013

I’m trying to make the most of summer by wearing all my floaty, hippie-dippie threads.  I don’t want winter to roll in without me having worn my favourite blouses and skirts at least once each.


I bought this blouse last year, and I’ve only worn it once.  What a travesty.  Today I aimed to set that right by pairing it with another of my summer favourites.






I am wearing:

– Floral blouse from Target

– Purple sarong (thrifted)

– Green loafers from Rubi

– Silver rings

– Brown resin ring from Violet Town thrift store

– Sapphire ring (Nana’s)

– Black painted earrings (thrifted)

– Paisley bangle (thrifted)




The weather is starting to cool down a little.  It’s still hot, but we haven’t had as many scorching days as last month.  Autumn is on its way.




I really love the colours in this blouse.  It’s great to have colourful print because you can pair it with so many other colours.  All you have to do is pick out one colour from the print and add another garment in the same colour to your outfit.  In this case, I chose a purple skirt to pick up the purple flowers on my blouse.






These earrings were a thrift purchase from my high-school days.  I paid ten cents for them.  I chose them because I love big earrings, and these had an undeniably 80’s vibe that I just couldn’t go past.


So that’s today’s outfit: prints, floaty fabrics and bright shoes.  All things that make me smile.

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